08 November 2009


Pat me on the back, I've officially kicked off my post baby fitness regime. 6 months post baby is better than nothing. Not the most exciting routine so far - just walked in circles around the Terrigal rugby oval for half an hour. Hmmmm, I guess I walked in ovals not circles. Anyway, one small tip would be to bring water and sunscreen when walking in the hot Australian sun. Tomorrow I will be wiser. I hope to eventually walk an hour every day plus my push-ups and some other exercises back at home or in the shade out there. You may think my oval walking is stupid when there is so much to see walking around Terrigal and the outlying area but there is something in my brain that won't allow me to take scenic walks when I'm aiming for exercise - must be on a treadmill or going in circles or it doesn't feel effective. Could be because I get distracted easily ... could also be because if I included the Terrigal shops as part of my walk, I would end up broke and with a chicken schnitzel in my belly. Though I guess the shopping bags would add extra resistance for my exercise on top of the chunky baby in his pram.

Now I'm back home in my breezy apartment drinking ice cold water with a lime in it. I got my hair done over the weekend (I will link these thoughts together, just follow me) at Allure and I always love that they serve water with lime and mint. It makes me feel fancy. Every time I go there I swear I'm going to buy a lime but I never do. Finally did so I can feel fancy at home. I considered the mint but don't need any other greens wilting in my kitchen.

I will post pictures of my hair once I've had a chance to shower - you do not need to see me after I've been exercising. Scary troll territory. I'm very happy with what they did to my hair this go 'round. Cut's the same but I needed something different with my colour. I never know what I want, just something a little different so my tactic is to just ramble continuously spewing out hair buzz words - striking, natural, easy to maintain, soft, edgy, blah - until they stop me and say "I know what we should do." Never fails. The handsome and talented Scott and beautiful & talented Aurora gave me bright blonde underneath my brunette. Not the whole underneath, just here and there so when my hair moves you get peaks of blonde. Perfection.

I go to mother's group meeting tomorrow. It's for older babies and it's only 3 meetings but I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say and see if they can help me with my bad habits. Oh dear heavens, another something to add to the bad parenting files. Ben is on the floor with his toys and is within my eyesight but I just glanced down to see this:

The boy has discovered the extra toy basket and how to tip it over. Okay, I'm off to rescue him and take a shower so he doesn't have to have sweat in his lunch. Have yourself a super day and don't make fun of the fact that I am sweaty from half an hour of walking in ovals.

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