03 March 2010

cuteness ahead

There is something about Benjamin in jeans & a t-shirt. Just something about the sight of him today has made my heart grow two sizes & my mommy hormones go a little haywire. See what I mean:

And if that's not enough to make your ovaries start twitching, may I introduce exhibit B:
I spent about an hour in the kitchen this afternoon with my apron on, music loud, mixing cookie dough to bake tonight (I've decided cookies or just cookie dough are necessary for watching Lost). Benny was in his highchair throwing things down for me to pick up & laughing at my terrible dancing. I think my moves never matured past something similar to Molly Ringwald's stellar Breakfast Club choreography. Did you just shudder? Yeah, it's just shoulders & hips & the occasional outbreak of snapping my fingers. Uh huh, snapping. Even a 9 month old knows it's bad.

Anyway, I'm baking cookies. I was going to make some fancy pasta stuff too but have now decided to skip that seeing that it took me an hour to just mix up cookie dough with all the dancing, serenading Ben & whatnot. Oma & Opa Eisele are sightseeing in Sydney today so it's just me & the little monster. I kind of forgot how little I can accomplish in a day if I'm actually keeping an eye on him. WHICH I AM. I still want to make our bed & put away our clothes but it's almost 6pm so am not holding my breath. Why am I blogging when I have so much to do, you ask? Simple - I'm feeding him right this moment & typing with one hand. Some of us women truly can have it all.

Crap, I was going to post a recipe for the chocolate bread pudding Debbie made last night. Amaaaazing & seemed very simple. Will post tomorrow. My one hand is tired from typing in this chicken-pecking fashion & Ben has fallen asleep, which doesn't surprise me after his weird napettes today. Anyway, off I go. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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  1. Haha Ashley you crack me up! Ben is so stinkin cute!!! And you definitely need to post that recipe..sounds delish!