29 March 2010

Oooh, that's a bingo!

I will start by saying that I realize this blog is supposed to be about me & my mothering skills or lack thereof or developing them or whatever it is that is going on in my home every day. So I'll give you the 30 second rundown that all is fine with us - husband is awesome, I am awesome, Ben is awesome with the occasional side dish of trouble & a dash of refusing to nap on his own.

But last night we caught a break & Ben actually followed his routine of a bath at 6pm then rocking at 6.30pm & the boy was asleep IN HIS BED at 7pm. Managed to stay there for a while too so Marcel & finally got around to watching a DVD that we ordered from the Aussie version of Netflix, Bigpond. We watched Inglourious Basterds & I love, love, LOVED it. Seriously. Never really cared to see it until I saw some clips during the Oscars so added it to our list. I'll give you the warning that there is a chance that we've become those people who see very few movies so everytime we see one it's suddenly the greatest movie that ever was made. But really, I love this one. It was refreshing to see a movie so well-made & fun & well-acted & didn't give a damn about historical accuracy.

*If you would like to bow out of this blog now, I will excuse you. Otherwise you're about to take a little stroll through the mind of Ashley Eisele & it's bound to be painful.*

One odd note about this movie is that I've never found Brad Pitt more attractive in my life. And I'm not one of those girls who never found him attractive to begin with - I always appreciated his looks. It took me about half of the movie until I could put my finger on it. I leaned over to Marcel & whispered "He reminds of Tom Skerritt in this movie." Actually, I didn't whisper because we were on our own couch so I think I just took some literary/blogerary creative license there. I probably didn't lean over either. So basically I said "Hey, he reminds me of Tom Skerritt in this movie." Marcel knew that meant trouble because deep inside of me is the crush of a lifetime on one Mr. Tom Skerritt. It makes my crush on Tom Bergeron seem like nothing & that's saying a lot because we all know that I love America's Funniest Home Videos (no, I do not care for Dancing with the Stars but I'll forgive Bergeron for that.) Anyhoo, back to Skerrit.

I'll be honest, I can't even hear the name Tom Skerritt without thinking of Shelby's Blush & Bashful wedding in Steel Magnolias. When he's lost his hearing from shooting at birds in the magnolia trees so he shouts "HER MOTHER & I DO!" when the pastor asks who gives the bride away. Good stuff even if the wedding truly was pank & pank. That's pink in my native language.

And sure, he may have been overshadowed in Top Gun by a young & handsome Tom Cruise & a young & handsomer Val Kilmer & even handsomer still the guy who played Slider. Slider gave us all some sweet dreams, am I right ladies??

And do you remember that Skerritt & Pitt shared the screen in the wonderful A River Runs Through It? I bet you forgot about that one! I didn't. This was my first introduction to that young handsome Brad Pitt & really, what's not to love about this kid?

In that one Tom Skerritt plays a Presbyterian minister, which is not the sexiest of occupations but he still pulls it off with panache. If I'm using that word incorrectly please let me know.
Add Robert Redford's luxurious narrating voice to this already winning combo & you have one beautiful Ashley-loving trifecta.

Now Google Images has let me down considerably as it came up with only one photo of Mr. Pitt in his tuxedo from Inglourious Basterds & it ain't a good 'un. But here you go:
I labelled it pittdumbface.jpg when I saved it to my computer for good reason. Anyhoo, now here's Mr. Skerritt from Top Gun in his dress whites:
Very similar, yes? Do they call these dress whites or did I just make that up? And WHY are some of these not centered? It says that all my photos are in the center but they most certainly are not in the center of anything! But anyway, point made - I am more than a little disturbed that my type is a man with overly southern accent in white suit with a mustache. Thank goodness I'm married you'd find me trawling every formal event on the bayou!

And I had to spend a little chunk of the movie on imdb.com for two reasons:

1. It kept me distracted from the violent parts of the movie. I can't handle gory bloody stuff & this is Tarantino so I knew what I was getting into. But really not as bad as I expected.

2. Seriously, we've seen so few movies this year & we are becoming old farts that say "Who is that? I know I've seen him before." then we'd argue over whether the guy with the big eyebrows was the guy from the most recent Star Trek movie - me insisting that it was (it wasn't) while Marcel who actually saw the Star Trek movie said it wasn't. My whole argument was based on wanting to say Zachary Quinto's name as often as possible - keento is how I pronounce it. Keento, Keeento, Keeeeeeeento. But then it was actually Eli Roth, which didn't help us at all & it's not nearly as fun to say. Then I couldn't remember whether the Austrian actor ended up winning the Oscar or just every other supporting actor award (he did win & he deserved it). He's awesome. 

And now I just spent several seconds trying to highlight & delete what I thought was a wild & mysterious apostrophe with a mind of its own but it was just lint on the screen. I think it may be time for me to get off of the old computer while I still have a few brain cells left. I would heartily suggest you watch Inglourious Basterds but something tells me that everyone on earth except us saw it like a year ago so I'd be wasting my breath. 

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