09 June 2010

Here be booby dragons (consider yourself warned)

So, I should have seen this coming but I did not. Ben has been feeding less on me & eating lots more solids with his ever changing sleep training. This is a good thing for everyone involved, except the two lovely ladies that reside in my shirt. I forgot about the fact that if he's feeding less, then that milk isn't going anywhere so I am having a lovely night of breast care. One of them (I should name them to make this even more uncomfortable for you, huh?) was nice & rock hard so when Ben woke up after 3 hours of sleep, I had him drink off that one but after he went back to sleep I was checking everything out & I have a blocked milk duct on the other side so I'm currently massaging while kinda hoping Ben wakes up again so he can feed off of that side as soon as possible! I forgot about the dark side of breastfeeding because it's been a loooong time. Nothing compares to sitting on the couch, massaging breast lumps trying to free blocked ducts - there may or may not be squirted milk on the computer screen.

And while looking online for other remedies, a few of them mentioned that on top of feeding I'll need plenty of rest so it may be a good idea to let our baby sleep with us to make it easier!! Stupid jerks want to put me back to square 1. Oh well, I guess I'll be feeding him tonight instead of letting him soothe himself for my own selfish reasons but I'll aim to keep him in his bed ... unless it turns into a every 2 hour debacle again then I'll probably give up like last night. Again, I am not feeling guilty about my giving in decisions - I always put a lot of thought into it & realize the process will be much slower but my sanity is worth it in the long run.

A coworker of Marcel's has loaned us his old gas heater & it's warming us up wonderfully. But right now I swear I smell Little Debbie's Oatmeal Cream Pies in the air. Is that what it's supposed to smell like or is that the first sign of gas poisoning? I should probably go google that. Fingers crossed for a night full of sleeping babies & unclogged breasts - huzzah!

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