16 June 2010

Testing, testing ...

Thought I should test my poor computer out as Ben just tossed it off the side of the couch. All looks okay so far but I'm convinced it shouldn't have survived such a beating. Ugh. It's that kind of day. He has spent half of it pushing things out the pet door, then trying to get them back, then whining & crying when he can't figure it out. Then he pushes something else out & the cycle continues. Lovely.

We're both getting a bit sick. He's been snotty for a couple of days & not wanting to eat much, now I've got a tickly throat & have zip, zero, nada energy. Neither of us are good company - I think he actually feels sick, whereas I am just furious at the thought that I might be getting sick. Still breastfeeding so still can't take any actual medicine to make me feel better. Panadol, Vitamin C & saline nasal drops don't help much my friends. And the fact that Ben becomes a wobbly toddling mess when he's tired has meant a few small disasters - falling & smacking his mouth on my knee, lots of tripping & of course running into things. And ding dang, the boy has just put my phone out the pet door. It's nice & sunny today but chilly so if he would keep some shoes on his feet, it would be a good day to play outside but not taking a sickly little thing barefoot out there. Therefore, we're getting cabin fever. It's 3.10pm & I have only just showered & dressed for the day.

Luckily, we had a super productive weekend. Got lots of plants for our backyard, did some weeding & cleaned the pool. Finally made it to Salvation Army, where we found an awesome lamp for $7 - now we just have to actually wire it! And an awesome little side table for our loungeroom, which I'm trying to decide whether to paint it white. It would look killer in white, especially with the new lamp on it but the current brown matches our other table. Anyway, also got a side table to match our new outdoor daybed. Did I tell you we got one? I probably told you twice - my brain is gone. It's quite lovely & it was a great price but I have got to replace the terrible little pillows it came with so it will be nice & cushy as it should be. Such a perfect place to relax outside in the sun. If any of these areas of our house ever actually get finished, I will post some pictures. We have so many grand plans but for every one thing we buy, move or paint we suddenly have two more to take care of. I'm especially excited about the landscaping - every time we go roam around our grounds (can you call a small yard "the grounds?") we realize how much the people before us did & how much more we want to do! I will definitely post some pictures of it as we go as it actually looks good in progress.

Oh & there's still the joy of sleep training! Hilarious. Ben has apparently decided that his new bedtime is sometime around 9.30 or 10.00pm. Boo & hiss. No matter how much letting him cry we do, he never fully settles until around then. We've even given in & gone back to rocking & feeding in some moments of weakness but it doesn't bring his bedtime any earlier. We're not supposed to keep sleep training while he's sick but he's not fully sick yet & I've seen no difference in his rotten sleep patterns. Down by 10pm, up around 1am, then 3am, then 5am. At 5 I just bring him into our bed every morning to buy another hour or two but it's painful. Like literally painful - I forgot how bad my back can feel when I have a child attached to my boob. I don't think he likes sleeping with us anymore either is the weird thing. He's very restless in the early morning & just doesn't sleep peacefully. We can't win basically but we're persevering  & one day he'll be a happy little settled sleeper in his own bed & I won't have to wake up like he's an overgrown newborn. It will happen. Right? RIGHT???

Anyway, I think my computer is working fine & I have to go apologize to Ben because I just yelled ferociously at him because I thought he was going for the kitchen trash for the millionth time today but he wasn't. Mildly sick + puny from interrupted sleep = no patience. But it looks like he is trying to gargle a cracker so he must be okay.

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