17 June 2010

Straighten your V, dot your I, curve your C, T-O-R-Y

What's that spell? VICTORY!! Well, we haven't had total victory but it was pretty close & chances are it would have been if a certain blockhead (who? what? huh? Yeah, it was me.) didn't throw a wrench in the works. The scoop is that Ben almost slept through an entire night in his own bed. The wrench? My boob. Let's just start from the beginning before I mess this all up.

Soooo, Ben has the tiniest bit of a cold. Basically, just a runny nose but I count it as sick (let's remember we are the parents who took him to the emergency room for his first runny nose) so I'm treating it as such. Therefore, I didn't wake him up from his nap yesterday & just let him sleep until about 4.30pm. We did his normal routine a little late & he stayed up when Marcel got home for a little while so we could all play then he actually fell asleep in my arms on the couch, which never happens. He drank on just one side & fell asleep within a few minutes. I put him down after a bit & it was game on.

Normally he wakes up about every 2 hours & he went to sleep around 8.30pm so I expected him to wake up before midnight definitely if not much earlier. But nooooo. Finally I woke up around 2.30am & just laid there listening for him, convinced I somehow had missed him so I dragged myself up to make sure he was covered up properly, etc. I moved him around so I could get him under the blanket & his eyes fluttered open. Now here is where I should have walked away & he would have drifted right back to sleep but I am a selfish moron. My right breast was not a happy camper, hard as a rock (okay, that's a very slight exaggeration) & achy. So I decided giving him a quick feed would be best for both of us. So he fed & he fed & he fed, then I put him back down & he perked up a bit for some odd reason but I went back to bed & left him to squirm, babble, etc. himself back to sleep. Then I heard a *smack* then some crying so I ran in to kiss his blessed head (he often trips over his feet & smacks his head on the bed rails but nothing serious). So then we rocked & fed a bit more & both went to bed where he went through his entertain himself to sleep routine. And he didn't wake up until after 7.00 this morning! Tonight I shall exercise the age-old tradition of expressing my milk rather than getting him up for an unnecessary feed.

Now I do realize that his heavy duty sleeping may be because of his little dash of sickness & may never happen again so I'm holding on to it as the greatest night of our lives ... except for that hour interruption. Ben is also 13 months old today! Too bad he is cranky & getting into everything that drives me insane so I'm snapping at him, he's whining & crying & one of us needs a nap while the other needs a shower. Ah well, we will survive.

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  1. All I can say is...."Hell yeah!" Tell it like it is cousin. Little Ruby Sage (2 yrs old) sleeping fine but is driving me nuts when she is awake!!! Can we say "Independent". Wonder where she gets that from....? Can't help but love the little suckers though.....