03 June 2010

zombie mama

Too tired to write a full post. Ben is a loon - only slept about 20 minutes yesterday & wouldn't go back to sleep after waking up. Grrrr. He went down pretty easily last night but woke up around 3.00am & tossed & turned & jibber jabbered & rolled around for a couple of hours. Sometime in there, I gave up & took him to his room to rock in the chair. After I got him calm again, I put him in his bed. He, OF COURSE, woke up immediately & started whining again. I left him in his bed & went back to the chair myself. He ended up whining, then playing, then whining, then playing & I just stayed in a half-asleep daze in the world's most comfortable chair. I finally actually went to sleep for a few minutes then woke up in a panic, wondering where the hell I was & where was Ben??? He was ASLEEP in his bed. Finally, he managed to put himself to sleep & with no bloody crying!! I covered him up & went back to bed then, which was around 5.00am & he woke up again around 6 or 6.30am but slept with us until Marcel was ready to go to work.

This is why I'm not writing anything else - I just reread that paragraph & it almost put me to sleep again. Ben is currently ripping up our local newspaper & showing no signs of slowing down today. I am praying that he naps decently today & I am also praying that my little spa calls me back with an opening for a massage tomorrow! I am beyond exhausted & uptight & in need of a very good rubdown. Let's face it, I would settle for them letting me lay on one of their massage tables in the dark room with tranquil music alone for an hour - I'll have to try that here if they don't have any appointments available.

Anyway, hope you're having a rosier day in your corner of the world & be sure to catch a Golden Girls episode (or a marathon if you're lucky) in honour of the late great Rue McLanahan!! I'm planning on finally moving our table & rug back outside to have dinner on The Lanai in her honour.

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