24 June 2010

New Chef in Town

If you live near an ALDI & they are currently having a toy sale, it is worth checking out. No, this is not turning into Ashley's ALDI sales pitch like my etsy post. Just that I took a run through our nearby ALDI's current toy selection & came up with an awesome little purchase for $50. Check it out:

What could be cuter than a miniature kitchen set right outside of our own kitchen? Nothing is cuter, that's what. It took me about 30 minutes of cursing & yelling "PUT THAT SCREWDRIVER DOWN, BENJAMIN!" to get it put together but well worth it. Shall we see more pictures?

So, he loves it. I could not get him to look away from it to get a picture that included his lovely face but I guess that's a good thing! He has already taken all the food, utensils & pots & put them in the oven. He also took the little sink faucet off & put it in the oven too. Marcel is going to have to bust out the super glue tonight to hold a couple of pieces in place. Super glueing is a two person job in this household because one of us has to wrangle Ben. It would take a couple of terrible terrible parents to get super glue on their only child. Okay, we accidentally superglued his finger the last time we let him get too close when we were working on something. It came off eventually.

Hey, our new neighbor (who tells me that "the new neighbors" is our family's nickname around the block - awesome) informed us yesterday that there have been some break-ins around here recently! Maybe this should scare me but instead I am glued to the windows like a one-woman neighborhood watch program!! Nevermind that we actually have a neighborhood watch program & most of our nearest neighbors are either retired or stay at home moms or work the night shift so we're all here all day peering out our windows. They suspect that it was a group of teenagers that were coming around last week collecting money for some fake charity but really they were casing our homes! I gave those shitheads 3 dollars!! I knew they were shady but there was like 8 of them on my porch & I assumed they were neighborhood kids & I didn't want to be the bitch new neighbor who doesn't give to charities that are near & dear to their hearts. But yeah, they were shady. Seriously 8 juvenile delinquents - mostly skanky gals & a couple of doofy guys. They said they were collecting "money for our friend that died." WHAT? I didn't know what that meant but again, I didn't want to be the bitch new neighbor that said "Your friend doesn't need money if he's dead." or "And just what did this so-called friend die of?? Hmmmm???" So yeah, I gave them $3 but at least they know I'm home during the day. Next time someone stops by (except the little old guy who delivers my packages because he's adorable & remembers how to spell my name) I'm going to throw in something about how secure my home is. Liiiiike, "Oh sure, I'll sign your petition - let me just wrestle a pen away from my giant attack dogs. Where is that pen? Oh yeah, it must be next to my super high tech security alarm." I'm subtle like that.

Look at that, my text is centered again. I sometimes change it for photo captions & forget to change it back but I'm thinking I quite like the centeredness. I'm a Libra, the scales (as if I didn't that symbol hanging over my head all the time) so I crave balance. Center justification suits me just fine.

Okay, I'm off to clean up my kitchen & probably Ben's miniature kitchen too. Crap, now I've got 2 kitchens to clean! And I just spotted a tiny wooden spatula in my purse. Wonder how that got there? I better get it out before Brutus & Lucifer get to it & use it to smack my super high tech security alarm with it.

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