10 January 2011


Anyone who has known me for a while knows that I can spend a little too much time analyzing my head suit (that's hair to anyone not versed in 30 Rock) - the bangs or fringe to be exact. I think I've figure out what's disturbing me about my latest hair trim & color. I think bangs look much better with brunette hair. They actually look quite stylish whereas when I'm blonde they're just there. I'm going to revisit this fascinating one-person discussion when it's not such shitty weather & when I have a fully functional straightener so my head doesn't appear to be a walking profiterole.

Well, I was going to lead with our household's huge news but it's already going downhill. The good news: BEN SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!! That's right - I got my first full night of sleep since the last weeks of my pregnancy. He's not feeling so great or something though because it took him aaaages of whining & crying & tossing & turning to finally settle down & now he's just passed the hour mark of getting down for his nap the same way. And yes, he is sleepy & does need his nap - I'm not just being "follow the routine" mama. Hell, I don't like "follow the routine" mama so you should know I'm not hopping along in her footsteps. He's exhausted - we are one car short so drove Marcel to work today then straight back to the joy of Little Kickers. Gag me with a spoon. We left early after 30 minutes of running like a loon & throwing particularly dramatic tantrums. I don't need this in my life. Anyway, I gave him some Nurofen a few minutes ago so hoping that if he does have an ache or pain it will sort him out.

I mentioned on my facebook & will reiterate now that I can never make plans for myself during Ben's naptime. I long ago realized I couldn't speak of said plans out loud because even as a baby he could understand & scheme creative ways to make sure I didn't take my own nap or give myself a pedicure or something lovely. But he's met his match today! His butt can stay in that crib as long as it takes - he is taking a nap. Don't worry, I am checking in on him & giving him my calming reassurances so he doesn't know I'm fuming inside because I can't relax in front of a movie with my toenail supplies. Some days just deserve to be written off & forgotten.

Sorry for all the cursing in this little rant. You'd think a good night's sleep would make me a more pleasant lady but the roundtrip commute & the soul-sucking soccer class has put me firmly in the bitter barn. Hope your day is better!

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