25 January 2011

On the eve of my gaining a new citizenship

Hey, it's Tuesday today & no disasters. Picked up a picture we were having framed, ran some errands, at an awesome beef & mushroom pie - hey I call it taste testing because I'm going to buy some pies for my party on Sunday - & all in all a very fine day. Stinkin' hot outside but enough of a breeze through the house that we're staying nice & pleasant. Now Ben did have a late long nap so I believe bedtime is going to be when disaster strikes. He's having a odd time of it these days. It's takes him an hour or more every night to get to sleep. He's happy as a clam in there most of the time, entertaining himself but he sure ain't sleeping. Books, websites & trusted friends say as long as he's not crying & he is eventually settling himself then all is well. It can't be that easy, can it? One genius friend did point out that it's probably Ben's only real alone time so he's just kickin' it on his own, staking stock of his day & enjoying being away from my bossy face. Well, Dana said it a lot more nicely than that but I get it.

So tomorrow is my big day! I'm becoming a citizen bright & early in the morning in Gosford. Supposed to be an even stinkin'er day tomorrow - getting up to 35 (95 fahrenheit). Listen summer, I know we have a rough track record & I am really trying to like you but you are making it damn hard. I can't handle another bad hair day. I can't handle ill-fitting shorts. I can't handle the sweaty underboob situation. You have to cut me some slack.

Anyway, back to my citizenship. I am muy muy muy excited!! I feel like I'm actually reaching a pretty major life goal. I never went to Ireland to study poetry, never got it on with a famous rock star or became a famous rock star myself so living in Australia is all I had left. I know I'm not dead yet but seriously, I'm not putting up with the crap of becoming a singer, not putting up with the crap that a famous rock star would bring to my life & what kind of teenager actually wants to go to college in Ireland to STUDY POETRY?? What does one do with a degree in poetry? Oh, you're a doctor? You're an aid worker? You're a trial lawyer? Yeah, I'm a poet - got a degree in it & everything. You need a sonnet, you come see me.

But I digress ... again. If Marcel manages to get any good photos of me taking my oath & all that good stuff, I'll post them to facebook. I don't want you to get too excited but I may or may not be being interviewed for the Central Coast Express Advocate! Okay, I am!! But my road to citizenship isn't really a thrilling one so I fear there's a strong chance they'll decide not to run my story. Must find a way to jazz it up before tomorrow morning - need to add a struggle, some adventure or a crazy twist. You might not recognize me before I'm done with it but at least I'll make it in the local paper! I wish I had the nerve to do that but I'll probably just tell the truth & the story will be "Girl marries dude who grew up here & stayed long enough to apply for citizenship." with a picture of me grinning my cheesy grin & possibly throwing in a thumbs up for added enthusiasm. See, this is what happens to kids who dream of running away to be a poet.

Anyhoo, I'm off to rescue Benny's toy from wherever he's dropped them now. Oh speaking of dropping, I lose another 1/2 a kilo so now I'm down 2 kilos total (4.4 pounds). Not much but good since I only hit the gym once last week & didn't stick to my diet all that well. I probably put it all back on with that one little pie that I shared with Ben today too. Ah well, hitting the gym better this week.

And now I'm going.

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