01 January 2011

twenty eleven

I bet you hoped that my resolution for 2011 would be to stop these stupid blogs. No such luck, sorry. I've been quiet on the sleep training front for a few days because it's gone downhill & I'm sick of trying to work out why & what we should do, blah blah blah. Marcel & I are sticking with it & staying strong in the method but I think Ben has either just caught on that this is a long term thing & he's not happy about it OR he's got his last molars coming through & he's not happy about that instead. He's been chewing his fingers & a few other teething symptoms but who knows. He might just be starting those terrible twos a little early. In any case, it has been a tense & sometimes miserable week in our household!! He's not getting nearly enough sleep so he's grouchy & downright unpleasant some days. Lots of "NOnonononono!" in our lives these days. I hope this passes quickly so sanity can return.

I really don't have any resolutions - just the usual crap of be a good wife, mom & citizen of the world. Maybe I'll try to make some friends around here & I wouldn't mind learning a new skill. Let's be honest, I have no skills so anything will do. Nun-chucks?  Harmonica? Arm wrestling? It could literally be anything. I'd like to watch more movies but that seems like a slack thing to resolve but there you go.

Losing weight doesn't need to be my resolution because I am back on the gym train & I have started dieting. That's right, the worst eater in the world is changing.  I've been doing halfway okay for my first few days & I am very optimistic of sticking with it. Can't wait until these kilos start flying off me (bwahahah - it doesn't take work does it?)! I am only willing to weigh myself in kilos because I don't have the strongest concept of how much it really is & I'm sure the pound conversion would make me cry. I did my BMI calculation on a website I joined that tracks calories, workouts, snoooooooze ... anyway because I insist on only using the metric system for my weight I messed up my height conversion & the computer kindly informed me that I was technically obese. Lord, that was a dark afternoon in this household! Later that night in bed, I suddenly realized I had miscalculated those stupid centimeters & prayed that I really was just chubby not the heifer I feared could be correct. So long story a little shorter, I am only overweight (never thought that would be good news) but not obese. I've set goals, bought veggies & fruit, denied snacks & am on a new path in life that I hope doesn't kill me or put me in a chronic bad mood or something. It's all so annoying - why should wonderful things like brownies, frozen Cokes & pastry be so bad? Ugh. Well, if any of you are interested in the website thing I joined let me know & I'll give you details (it's free) but otherwise I'm keeping it secret so you can't peek at my progress! Tres embarrassing.

I had other things to write but I got so wound up retelling the fascinating tale of Ashley's Afternoon of Obesity that I've forgotten what I was going to say. It's a hot day so I'll blame that too. It's round about 35 celsius today, which is 95 Fahrenheit & I will skip my regular speech about why such a hot country has so few air conditioners in their homes because we have a pool & there is nothing so blessed as floating around that pool when it's stinkin' hot outside. Our family is getting some nice color on us, which is lovely (until we are all diagnosed with skin cancer)(I promise we use heavy duty sunscreen every time we're out there!) but my hair is in a perpetual George Washington state, which is less than lovely.
This should happen to no woman, regardless of humidity, wackiness of bangs or pulling it back while it's wet.
Just realized my son is munching on a banana peel so I better resolve to learn some mothering skills this year. Happy to New Year to all 3 of you that read this blog!!! I love you & can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us all.

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