10 January 2011

The Bentalist

I am a neurotic parent, I know that. I find myself often wondering what little Benny is going to look like when he's older so sometimes I look at celebrity pictures doing some research. I've found some doozies along the way but I invite you to see what I see for the future of young Obi Wan Keneisele ...

Simon Baker, eat your heart out - the curls, the vests, the adorable shifty eyes I assume Ben will have an Aussie accent someday soon as well. Heartbreak potential is through the roof! And yes, many days I believe Benny is giving me the old Mentalist shakedown.

Today is Ben & my first day back of it just being us at home. Marcel's car is in the shop so we don't even have a car to get around in & it's pouring down rain so we're well & truly stuck inside today. No major cabin fever yet so I'm calling the day a success already but it's not even 5pm yet so we've got a ways to go until our day is complete!

While the boy napped today, I pulled out an old favorite & watched Shakespeare in Love! I remember all the scandal about it back in the day when it won lots of Oscars after its massive marketing campaign but I loved it just as much today as when I originally watched it in a weird little theater in Laurel, Maryland with Dana Wana. Good times, good times. And it made time fly while I folded laundry, researched some things online, sent some emails, cleaned a bit, all the usual boring trappings of my life. Maybe I'll watch it again tomorrow. Surely if I watch it enough Joseph Fiennes will just show up on my doorstep to stare at me with those huge heavenly eyes of his while I toil away & save me the trouble of wishing I was Gwyneth Paltrow. I hate wishing I was Gwyneth Paltrow - nothing against her, she actually seems hilariously lovely no matter how much smack people talk about her GOOP newsletter. I just don't want to waste time I'm pretending I'm her when I could be spending my time pretending I'm Beyonce as usual.

HEY! I lost a kilo & a half (3.3 pounds I think)! I'm so excited - I feel like my 2 weeks of better eating & gymming have really payed off. Do I see anything different? Uhhhh, no. Is there a chance it was just water weight from my lady cycle? Possibly. Am I convinced that any weight I lose will just be my milk boobs disappearing now that I'm weaning? Sadly yes. Is it wrong to mourn the loss of milk boobs? I've enjoyed them so much & they'll be the only chance I have to enjoy scandalous necklines. Back to Chesty Snoozeville for me, I suppose. Ah well if the scale keeps going down I'll still celebrate no matter what the reason. 

So tomorrow we make our grand return to Little Kickers. *sigh* I am really not looking forward to it but I'm trying to keep my spirits up & I keep talking to Ben about what to expect so maybe he'll be ready. We may spend another session running around the room like maniacs not doing anything the other kids are doing but as long as I'm not crying in the car afterwards this time I'll consider it a victory. I've tried to practice sitting & kicking with Ben but the child is a free spirit, I'm afraid. Many years from now I'll appreciate this but right now it just makes him "that" kid & I'm the mom who can't control her toddler. Lovely.

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  1. As usual Ash, so many laughs as I read your post. Your are so hilaaaaaaaaaarious. Yes, darling Ben does certainly give Simon Baker a run for his money and yes, Gwyneth will just get in the way of Beyonce. Nicxx