20 September 2011

and you don't stop

Just in case any of you had doubts about the future of my personal style, I am here to assure you it's only going to get worse. As if being broke didn't cement the fact that I'll be dressing like a hobo from here on out, then add to the fact that I will never lose my baby weight (I just won't), THEN please note that the supermarket I go to is ADDING A CLOTHING SECTION next month. What? Why? How? I am so confused - like actual racks of clothing will be in Coles. Was this necessary? They must realize that a poor, pudgy girl who has lost all sense of self & sanity is going to buy the hell out of grocery store clothes. It's going to be ugly, folks.

Let's see, these days Ben is slightly addicted to youtube. It's fantastic because it means he'll sit still for a few chunks throughout the day & he's always on my lap for it. Too bad the videos are driving me insaaaane! There are a few favorites that I'll share with you:

Shape Train - there are also Number Train & Color Train that are very similar. I have to say they are helping me with his vocabulary, which is something I could never accomplish on my own. Gotta love when the internet is a better parent than me.

And then there is this one. You all probably remember it from a couple/few/million years ago when it went viral. It's an Evian ad & Ben forces me to play it over & over & over ...
I hope this is the right version that uses Rappers Delight or you're missing half the fun. Yikes.

I think Ben just published this by accident by pressing one button so I'm going to re-publish it now before he has a chance to do any further damage. Someone is obviously eager to watch his damn roller skating babies again. Please send an intervention.

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