19 September 2011

Notes on Monday

Random notes from today:

1. Took Ben to the mall for one shop but couldn't even handle the thought of chasing him so put him in the pram for first time in months. Smart mom move: went directly to Boost Juice & got him a smoothie to work on while I shopped. All went incredibly well, except found nothing that I needed at said shop.

2. There is a red crayon in this house & when I find that red crayon, it is a GONER. On a related note, I nominate the Magic Eraser as one of the greatest inventions of all time. My furniture & sanity salute you little white booger of goodness. Crayons can go to hell.

3. No pay TV so I turned to the wide wide world of web for my Emmy fix. Red carpet pictures & live blogging of the event have given me all I need. Shall have to watch the few highlights online too then I'll be done.

4. So now that it's Monday I can officially say that we're having the baby next week. Yikes.

5. Marcel's stomach TALKED TO ME last night. I am not kidding. I was wide awake for my millionth painful rolling over session plus had to get up to pee. Marcel's stomach was making bizarro noises & I swear to you I kept hearing a little creepy gurgly stomach voice saying "Don't worry ... don't worry ..." I checked for a troll under the bed but nope, it had to be the stomach.

6. Leftover apple pie is a perfectly good lunch.

<< 2 hours later >>

7. Nope, no, no, apple pie is a terrible lunch. Very ill tummy! Ben is peacefully napping on the couch instead of in his bed because I thought we could cuddle together for a nap like the old newborn days. Turns out that does not work with a toddler & a supremely large pregnant lady so I settled on the much smaller loveseat for my own nap ... until the stomach situation kicked in ten minutes later.

8. I taught Ben what a moustache is & now every so often he'll just put something under his nose & shout "MOUSTACHE!" It's the greatest thing I've ever seen - bouncy balls, plates, anything goes for his facial hair.

9. I love my poor husband. Not just because of the soothing life lessons that his sketchy stomach sends to me but also because he is going to be up all night with our crazy son because I let him take an extra long nap. If that child takes a nap at all, we can add a good 1 1/2 - 2 hours of bouncing around his bed at bedtime & today he napped for 2 hours & didn't get up until 4.30pm. I'm going to have to pass out early thanks to the stomach plague so my darling Marcel gets to pick up the slack. There's not a better man in the world & I'll give him extra bonus points if his talking stomach starts giving me lottery numbers to play.

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