21 September 2011

Wednesday stuff

As you can probably see, I've started playing around with new backgrounds for the blog. Not loving the one I landed on but Marcel needed the computer & apparently fiddling around with crappy backgrounds suddenly doesn't take priority over paying bills. *sigh* I hope this changing design doesn't bring you unpleasant flashbacks to the dark days of myspace where I changed my background almost minute by minute - I'm a Libra, we're indecisive by nature. 

Had my last official midwife visit this morning. All went well, nothing really happened as usual (which is a good thing) but the baby seems to be right on size & his heartbeat is fantastic. Also found out it's his booty that is taking up all the room in my stomach so he's finally turned back around upside down. So this time next week I'll have the little goofball in my arms finally. Hoping since I'm having the surgery in the morning that I'll be more lucid for the afternoon & night so I don't wake up in the middle of the night & wondering what the hell was going on. I love looking at all the happy smiley pictures of me breastfeeding for the first time & hamming it up with Ben - I have no actual memories of that time. Ah well, I'm taking a little notebook with me to write down anything special they tell me so if I am drugged out & need to reference back to it, I can. Of course I'll probably just write things like "I love candy" over & over. 

Today is my last official day alone all day with Ben. It's been a weird day because I had my appointment this morning so Marcel went to work late so I didn't have to chase the boy around the waiting room or wrangle him while getting blood tests done. And it was the absolute most beautiful weather today & Ben had zero interest in being outside. He just wanted to watch TV & play a bit all day. He NEVER wants to watch TV, even Toy Story, these days. I was just telling my mom yesterday that I would give anything for him to watch TV for a day so I can sit on my caboose but now that he's done it, I feel like a terrible mother. Tomorrow is his daycare then Friday Marcel only works a half-day so we'll have Family Fun Friday all afternoon as our last day as a 3-person family. Marcel's mom gets here on Saturday!! So glad to have an extra pair of hands around here for my last few days of being ginormous & grouchy. Ben will be thrilled to have someone who isn't too tired to play with him too! 

I'm thinking of making the run to IKEA tomorrow since I won't have Ben to drag with me - it's a brutal journey for a toddler. I don't need anything major, just a couple of picture frames & crap but I've gotten it into my brain that I need to go. Nevermind, I'll just get the frames at Target for a few dollars more & be done with it in a fraction of the time. Don't you love when I do my brainstorming for all of you to witness instead of keeping it in my head where it belongs?

We've got a list of things still to do that is a mile long but we're slowly getting there. I have to finish off my hospital bags - I will post pictures of these doozies. I have been known to overpack every now & then but I think I'm doing okay with these because I insist of being comfortable during this hospital stay! Also still need to do a lot of straightening up & cleaning before Debbie gets here - our guestroom is a little shoddy at the moment, so I'll make that my focus for tomorrow since I've cancelled my crazy IKEA plan. Goodness, we still need to get a new carseat too! Crap. Oh well, worst case scenario they can get that while I'm in the hospital since we don't technically need it until Li'l Eisele is ready to come home. 

Okay, I'm stopping now because I don't want to turn this blog into Ashley's To-Do List. I have paper for that, thank you very much. In the next few days, I will bring you exciting updates such as how our guestroom comes together, what my hospital bags include & maybe even how our Family Fun Friday fairs. I can hear your squeals of excitement already ... sarcastic jerks. 

Have a happy day. I'm off to change a stinky diaper.

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