05 June 2011

Chain reaction

So I had grand plans for today, I truly did. I was even knocking things off the list straight off the bat - have my black beans soaking to make some black bean soup for dinner tonight (sidenote: black beans aren't in grocery stores here - tracked some down at the Asian supermarket, thankfully), made a gorgeous sugar cookie dough that is chilling in the fridge, was going to sit down with some water to kick my feet up for a few minutes. Made the mistake of checking on my darling son who was entertaining himself very well today. What do you think I found? What do I always find???

So the boy was playing in his room with no pants, no diaper, poopy footprints everywhere with his missing diaper & pants tucked into the oven of his play kitchen. Lovely. So technically this shouldn't have thrown off my whole day but my system is balancing very precariously these days & this just pushed the first domino over. Such a day deserves mixed metaphors.

Sooooo ... Ben went into the bathtub, diaper to the trash, pants into the washing machine but I refuse to wash them alone, which means I had to do a full load of laundry, which meant I had to empty the basket full of clean clothes sitting in our room, which means I had to put them away, which means I have to finish organizing my closet so that they'll actually fit in there. Then on to Ben's room, where I had to scrub the poop off the floor, which led to sanitizing, which means I'll have to vacuum when it dries & means I was down on the floor realizing how long it's been since I've cleaned his toys, which led to dusting, which led to wiping everything down with anti-bacterial wipes. And I won't be able to vacuum until I've picked up everything in the room so I may as well just make it a fully cleaning day in there today. Then if I'm vacuuming I may as well vacuum our bedroom as well & then the stupid rug in the loungeroom that is currently covered in popcorn thanks to a disasterous snack time. AAACCCCKKKK!!!!

So I went from the tip top of domestic diva land this morning to back in my usual domestic ditch. I have to stop trying to aim for pretty much any accomplishments since there is always some annoying setback. How much of a sad sack am I?

Anyway, I can hear my son quietly playing in the dining room & now see that he's pulled down the fruit bowl, which today includes a hot pepper so I should probably go stop him before any new disaster hits this household. If you have any sanity to spare (or a very cheap babysitter), please send it my way!


  1. Clearly a very bad case of Monday blues are hovering over your house today, you poor thing. Damn those poopy diapers.


    PS Missed you yesterday, was looking forward to a very important discussion about the Kardashians :)

  2. It is seriously the Monday that refuses to end! Child has been fighting his nap for almost 2 hours - doesn't he realize it's for ME not him?

    I haaate that I missed the party, especially after seeing your gorgeous pictures. I guess we can chat at Chicks at the Flicks on Wednesday. Heaven knows I am dying for an evening out of the house!