15 June 2011

Hey sunshine.

So while peeking at eonline, which is plastered with pictures of the Kardashians, Ben pointed to Khloe & said "Mama!" I can accept that, well done. Then he pointed to the mom of the family & said "Dada!" Bwahahahaha, poor Marcel can't win.

We have lost the TV remote. Like, it's G-O-N-E. I have searched all the places that Ben likes to squirrel things away & have looked everywhere that I am likely to leave things I've wandered off with. No luck. If Marcel was here, he'd go all Horatio from CSI: Miami & look somewhere that I've already looked 5 times, pull it out, give me a withering glare & push his sunglasses back on his head. Sidenote: Marcel does not own sunglasses. Isn't that weird? He hates them but I know he's thought about getting some just so he can "Horatio" around the house making me feel like a moron. Anyway, hopefully we'll find the remote somewhere bizarre in the next day or two - I'll keep you posted.

Can I ask you mothers a question? Do you toddler ever leave things alone? Ben will get into every cabinet every opportunity he gets, take little things off of shelves, etc. over & over & over & over ... you get the picture. We have those awful looking little plastic latches on our kitchen cabinets but over time they break or the glue melts or Ben somehow figures ways to pry them open & I refuse to put them anywhere else in the house because they're hideous & I refuse to screw anything in to cabinets either. I'm hoping I've just asked the wrong people about it because the few I've spoken to say their toddlers lose interest in things after a while of being told no repeatedly. Okay, it's been over a year with Ben & he will still rearrange everything in any cabinet he can, still takes everything off my bedside table & we can't really have any decorations or my beloved knick knacks at a lowish height.

I bring this up because I just got done rescuing this tiny little porcelain bowl with a butterfly perched on the side that I keep filled with random extra buttons & pins on my bedside table. It was a gift from a lovely client & just precious & perfect. Ben dumped it all into the cup of water that I made the mistake of leaving there. I left two broken necklaces there too weeks ago (I wonder who broke them by the way?) as a reminder to get them fixed. They are now completely missing! If he ever goes down for his nap today I need to pull the table out & search all around & under it - if it's not there, I'm terrified he's chucked them into the bags I have waiting to take to charity so that will be a fun digging expedition. These necklaces were both gifts for major events in my life - college graduation & Ben's birth so not my usual cheap crap & with beautiful fine little chains, which is how I love them. Ben can pop through those gold chains like they're play-doh. What am I going to do with two of these little demons?

Need to go check on him now to make sure he's still got his diaper on in bed ... okay, all good for now. I am thinking of going back to the family care cottage to help me with his non-eating & to wean him off the milk that he would drink 24 hours a day if he could. I am smart enough to realize that he's not going to eat as long as he's holding out for that milk but unfortunately I'm not strong enough to take the first steps without support. Can ANYTHING about raising children just be freaking easy????

On the plus side of today, the sun has come out of hiding for the first time in weeks! I hope it sticks around so we can actually get outside a bit. And I would like to thank the neighbor who is taking advantage of said nice weather so that he can grind, drill or whatever it is he is doing in his garage that is mere feet from Ben's window, guaranteeing no nap will be possible. Don't these people realize that I need the boy to SLEEP? I'm going to make a chocolate meringue pie once he drifts off to slumber land & I need that pie, darn you.

Sorry for always venting on here by the way - I know it's a drag to listen to someone whine all the time & I'm not depressed or anything, just full of things to whine about. Now I'm off to make about 50 phone calls & hopefully get some things done - if Ben magically falls asleep in the meantime I will be the happiest mama alive.

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