22 June 2011

so sleepy

So yes, I got sick last night. Luckily since I ate the evil spring rolls for lunch I only got sick around midnight instead of the usual 3am business. And it was only a bit of vomiting & for some odd reason my heated mattress pad made me feel like a new woman afterwards so all's well that ends well. And we can chalk this little disaster up to research - I just had to prove to myself that it really was the spring rolls so that's now done & dusted.

Not much happened today. Doctor's appointment for Ben who is doing well even with the cough that will not leave - doctor said just to keep him in & not too active for another day or two. So hopefully he will be himself again just in time for his father to return to us!

Hmmm, this isn't letting me upload a picture that I wanted to share so I'll just leave that for tomorrow. I've got to get the boy in the bath & get his booty to bed! I hate to admit how relieved I am to put him to bed these days - I feel like I've run a marathon every day & am ready to collapse by the time it's over. Tonight I have a lovely veggie chicken & rice casserole in the oven waiting for me (Ben won't touch it, his loss) & a little pack of mini individual pavlova shells - I whipped the cream, reduced the strawberries & sliced some kiwi fruits. Might add some passion fruit. So basically I am indulging in rich & wonderful treats tonight after Ben is tucked away while I watch Masterchef & Offspring. And I've downloaded the new Janet Evanovich (goofy bounty hunter woman & her crazy friends with a sexy side too - not too sophisticated so you probably wouldn't be interested) book from my parents Kindle account so I'm declaring it Ashley Night! Well, I shouldn't actually be declaring it at all because that guarantees that Ben will not go to sleep & my TV will go on the fritz, my casserole will burn & the downloaded book won't work. I'm ever the optimist, aren't I?

Pregnancy is going astoundingly well these days, might I add. Little Fonzarelli is moving & grooving a lot these days, which I love! And I feel pretty fabulous - no discomfort yet & not feeling too sluggish even with the little infection so I'm just enjoying it all. I get my weekly update & I think he's the size of an eggplant now that I'm 25 weeks. They keep listing all the aches & pains pregnant women at my stage sometimes have so I'm counting my blessings that I've got smooth waters for now. I know the dark days of not being able to sleep or bend over or function like a normal human are coming so I shall relish this time.

Okay, now I'm off to straighten Ben's room up quick & turn on his heater before I throw him in the bath. I have the inability to let him go to bed in an untidy room. It's bizarre. I also have to straighten up all the toys in the rest of the house too - the kitchen can go to hell for all I care but the living areas have to be straight. I pray that one day my kitchen will actually be clean, not always in progress! Ah well, we can't have it all in this glamorous life can we?

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