28 June 2011


I've let my hair settle in for a few days before posting pictures. Mostly because I'm pregnant so full of hormones that make me hate everything that someone does to my head. I'm very happy with the highlights & the cut is growing on me - I like to give a new cut about a week before I make a final verdict. My fringe is especially troublesome because I have two perfectly placed devil horn cowlicks that messes with them big time so if they're short, they look crazy & when they are too long they go crazy again. Right now the cowlicks are protesting so they'll need a bit of calm-down time. I'm going to stop talking now because I have honestly been known to give hours long lectures about the state of my fringe. See how I'm calling them fringe instead of bangs? I generally tend to stick to the American word for things so I don't sound pretentious & get made fun of by my dear friends & family but the word "bangs" has long baffled me & fringe makes perfect sense. And I seriously had many conversations about this very topic with my best friend in high school so I have a witness.

Anyway, welcome to my head suit.

Here is the before shot right before I walked out the door.
I did not have time for a full photo shoot so excuse the crazy face.

Now, I didn't take a picture right after the salon because unfortunately the dude who cut my hair fell into that category of stylist who apparently sees me as a much older frumpy lady so he added many products, poofed me up & changed my part. I have to stop telling people that I'm a stay at home mom - I think it puts ideas in their heads.

Anyway, I DID take a picture of my head the morning after! Please note that it was actually much taller when I first woke up but it had managed to fall a little bit before I could get the camera out. As any proper Southern woman knows, the higher the hair the closer to God so I should be doing okay.

Again, I had just woken up so pardon the even crazier face in this one. I cut my chin off because I am in the midst of a hormonal breakout in that general area, which I hadn't had a chance to spackle with makeup yet. This picture also shows why I fear volumizing products!

So here we are after I wrestled the squirrel's nest down from its lofty heights & put the straightener to it. A little less librarian but definitely different than the before picture, which I guess is good because I am always guilty of walking out of a salon with just a trim when I couldn't make up my mind. 

This crazy face was on purpose after way too many tries for a smile or normal face didn't turn out well. I am very happy with the highlights I have to say & let me tell you I started having some doubts when my stylist was telling me his plans for the evening, which included going to play Dungeons & Dragons with his son. 

The next day I didn't straighten it & it was pretty decent, then today I let it do its own thing & it went curly, which looks straight out of the 80s or 90s so that's pretty awesome. Let's remember that I am a big fan of Meg Ryan's hair to this day so I can enjoy it by myself but really can't leave the house with it for fear of being mocked by strangers. 

All else is well in the land of Ashley. I am 26 weeks pregnant today, which is only exciting because it's another week forward but no real progress. Finishing up my antibiotics today but also have come down with a cold, which doesn't seem fair having been on medicine for so long. Darn viruses.

Ben is currently playing with a big pile of lemons we got from our friends' orchard or grove or whatever you call a place full of lemon trees. I put them all in a big bowl on the dining room table where my gorgeous big glass jar once was (before I knocked it off & broke it into a gazillion pieces) & the house smells like lemony heaven. I should probably go make sure he hasn't bashed the poor lemons to pieces - there was a little one that he carried around for a while calling it "Baaaaaaby" in his weird little adorable baby-crazy voice. Seriously, he is NUTS about babies & can't seem to control himself when they're around & this baby lemon was not exception - he was in love. I hope his heart doesn't break when I turn some of his babies into a lemon meringue pie or tart or something. If you happen to have an idiot-proof recipe for something like that, please pass it on by the way!

Okay, off to do something but I can't remember what. Hope I remember when I get back up. xoxo

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