01 June 2011


Oh my goodness, it's one of those days. It's always one of those days isn't it? This particular day has been pretty okay but Ben is in a clingy mood so I haven't had a moment of peace & haven't been able to accomplish a thing. On one hand I obviously adore when he wants to be around me at all times because we read a lot of books, sing songs & do a lot of playing. On the other hand, I can't make a shopping list without getting either the pen or paper stolen 50 times & I can't put laundry away because someone is pulling things out of the basket & unfolding everything that I fold. I had a book & a glass of water set up by the chair, thinking that if he played outside I'd take a few minutes to relax & watch him through the door but that was ruined minutes later when I caught him dunking my bookmark into my glass of water. Fair enough, I guess I'll find my place later tonight & read when he's in bed.

I know I shouldn't complain because our days alone are numbered & then he & his little brother will grow up before I know it & leave me behind. Is it wrong to fantasize every once in a long while about those days when I'll be able to organize my closet in one go instead of having to drag it out for a few days because someone likes to undo my progress & drag out extra things & spill things that I have to clean up or pull off his pants & diaper & pee on the floor? Speaking of which, hold on while I go clean up a spot of pee on his floor! How did I forget?

Do you want to know one of the things I miss most about working? This is stupid, I don't know why I'm telling you this but I really miss the random conversations that you really wouldn't have anywhere else. Someone reads a piece of gossip & next thing you know you're lecturing your coworker on why Kim Kardashian isn't so bad. Seriously, I have no one in my life to discuss Kim Kardashian with! I can't bring myself to call someone & just say "Sooo, what about those crazy Kardashians?" Wait, would it be krazy Kardashians? Anyway, so I'm dragging you into it instead. I don't hate those girls. I've watched maybe three episodes of their show & could not understand why it was a show - they did NOTHING & their voices are so monotone that I wanted to shake them. And yet I liked them. I have absolutely no reason to like them but I do. I think I could hang out with them & enjoy myself, though I seriously hope they're more animated in real life. I can't explain the feeling behind this - I'm not one of those who latches on to TV people regularly & I only read gossip magazines when I'm getting my hair done but yet I can't look away when one of their gorgeous heads pops up in something. What is the deal?????

While I'm in confession mode, I have to tell you how happy I am that Offspring is back on channel 10! I adore this show & am glad I can jump back in after missing the last half of the first season while travelling to America last year. The first episodes of this season already have me tickled & let me tell you why. No, no, let me show you why:

Matt Le Nevez, my friends. Weird picture of him. Anyway, he is a brooding creature of loveliness. Yes, he was a questionable character for the start of this season but I think we all know where this is going & I am happy to see him replace the handsome & formerly irreplaceable Don Hany. I knew this fellow in another life, back when I worked at the acting agency - I specifically remember him taking his shirt off in front of my desk while discussing with one of the agents his work with a personal trainer. It was one of those days when I realized how much I truly loved my job! *sigh* I miss my job. Anyway, any of you Australians who want a good juicy show give Offspring a shot.

Okay, now I'm on a roll of rambling & can't stop so feel free to stop reading but here we go. Wait, if we were talking face to face you'd see this is the face I'm making

Yes, this is my "Why am I telling you these things?" face. Hmmm ... it's also my "I know I put makeup on today so where did it go?" face. Also for the record, it's a reminder that I still haven't gotten my bangs trimmed & those evil layers are still hanging around - as soon as they are long enough to be done away with, I shall be getting rid of them. 

Anyway, do you want to know what I have officially started? My hospital bag. June has just begun. I will be in the hospital the last week of September. That is almost four months I have to prepare my hospital bag & because I'm having a c-section, I will have an exact date so I could basically wait until the day before & throw it all together (unless Fonzie is over a week early)(which he won't be). But no, you should know by now how neurotic I can be about packing. The older I get the wackier I get.

My last stay in the hospital when I welcomed the handsome Benjamin to our lives, I didn't feel so great. I don't mean I was in pain after the major surgery or nervous about having a new little life to figure out - it was the little things like wearing pj's that I hated & feeling like I was a mess, not pulled together at all. This time I am going in with guns blazing! I have already bought new pj's for the hospital & some slipper/bootie things that feel like heaven. I bought myself a new toiletry bag at the big Country Road sale the other day (also got a pair of pj pants & makeup bag too - such a good sale) & am keeping my eye out for little comforts to pack away with me like comfy underwear that won't pressure my incision. I know it's psycho but I'm going to be comfy & fabulous in my little corner of that public hospital room! I'll keep you posted.

Okay, Ben is quiet at the moment & I see my library books strewn across the next room so I'm off to save them from destruction. Hope you're having a great day my friends!

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