23 June 2011


Celebrations are in order for the world of men & the folks that love them. George Clooney is single again, ladies. Anyone up for a relationship with that handsome man with no chance of marriage or kids? I'd say he's enough to make many lasses re-think those priorities in life, no doubt.

Another man who is causing celebrations in my heart (well, maybe not my heart but definitely in my appreciative eyes):
While I for one was a fan of his sketchy mustache & the jaunty outfits that caused the genius women at gofugyourself.com to comment that he looked like he was arriving everywhere by hot-air balloon (I'm sorry, that has been making me laugh for weeks now), it is nice to see Mr. Pitt just looking like his old heartthrob self. *sigh*

Hey & why not throw a wildcard from past in the mix just to shake up a boring Thursday? Looks who's coming to Broadway!
Was I only the one who had a huge crush on Steve Guttenberg in the 80s? Am I the only existing fan of Police Academy? I think I need to be more specific because I only love Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol but I love it with a love that is more than a love, I & my C.O.P. Yep, I will even bastardize Poe for it. I probably know every single line to that stupid movie & it still tickles me. Unfortunately, Marcel has already officially vetoed naming our son Mahoney, Captain Harris or Commandant Lassard so don't even suggest them.

Lastly, the most important news in the world of handsome men that I love. This one is going to be back in my life at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning!
I'm keeping fingers & toes crossed that no rogue Chilean ash clouds float into his path before he gets here & that he arrives safely, soundly & well-rested. Ben is going to be stoooooked to see him & I suppose I will be too! 

And now I'm off to do a hell of a lot of cleaning so that he doesn't have to come home to a complete disaster zone. Hope you & yours are having a fabulous day, night or whatever it is wherever it is. xo

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