09 June 2011

Good hair

I am having a good hair day. These are so few & far between that I feel I have to shout about it from the mountain tops. Unfortunately, there are no mountain tops nearby so I'm pestering you instead. I let my  hair dry on its own from time to time & it never goes well - those are the days I am willing to let the ponytail own me for the day. I still have to dry my bangs/fringe no matter what because you have not seen tragedy until you've seen the cowlicks at the front of my head let loose.

Anyway I am actually kinda happy with the reddish shade today, which is weird since just yesterday I was vowing to shave it all off just so I could start again with the whole coloring fiasco. Bad hair brings the drama in my world. So mix the decent color with some halfway decent waves & I was happy today.

Then I attempted to capture the good hair day on ye olde digital camera. It did not go well. Why is that? If you look good how does that not automatically transfer to looking good on camera? Where does the pretty go & where does the troll come from?

Exhibit A
I don't even know how my face does this. *sigh*

Exhibit B
I used to want to be in a band when I was young.
I adored Justine Frischmann from Elastica who was Britpop's queen.
I wanted to be her so I could date Damon Albarn & sing kick assily.
She made this face on one magazine cover.
I have been trying to replicate it ever since.
I should stop.

 Exhibit C
Have you noticed when you type a word enough it starts to look wrong?
That's what's happening with "Exhibit" for me.
Am I spelling that right?

 Exhibit D
I started giving up right around here.
Notice the light has all but gone away? 
The day was telling me to just enjoy my good hair & not drag anyone else into it.

 Exhibit E
Stupid day didn't realize I was willing to turn on a lamp.
And stick my head close to said lamp.
Too bad that washed out my color.
And made me look crazy.

Exhibit F
Oh wait, that's not me.
It's Justine Frischmann snarling like it's meant to be done.
A certain amount of years later & she still looks more awesome.
Better hair, better clothes, better snarl.
Point made, moving on.

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