16 June 2011

Yawn burgers

Thought I should follow up my earlier mopefest with a perkier about life post. Here are some things that have tickled me today:

1. Ben & I went to the Erina Fair toddler playground, which is such a simple perfect little place for the kiddos to play. Anyway, today there was a father there who (BRACE YOURSELF) had the head of Daniel Craig & the body of a rugby player. I swear to you he was so amazing that I tried to find any possible way to get a picture of him but could not make it happen. Every mother there could not stop looking at the poor dude - we're lucky all of our children didn't take off for the hills while we were all distracted. Seriously, Daniel Craig face but more athletic. It shouldn't be legal. His wife came to get him & the kids & she was normal looking - I wanted to give her a high five but thought it might be awkward.

2. Just saw a preview that they're airing The Man in the Iron Mask on TV this weekend. This is one of the single worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life. I don't remember why exactly but I saw it in the theater with one of my favorite people on earth, Denise. We were giggling uncontrollably & I remember warning her that it was all over if the dude with the iron mask clunked that mask along the prison bars like the old timey guys in movies when they drag their metal mugs along them. Sure enough, he did it & I lost all dignity - it was a completely full theater & I can't imagine we were popular young ladies that day. Good times, good times.

3. Shannon was finally eliminated from Masterchef. She was driving me bananas.

4. The TV show Strange Addictions is finally here & I'm trying to not laugh at a woman who is writing a goodbye letter to her addiction to sleeping with a hairdryer.

5. There are rumors of a sunshiney day tomorrow! If this forecast comes true, we shall be staying outside - Umina playground maybe? - as long as we can physically stand it.

6. I called the Family Care Cottage (Ben & I visited them for an afternoon of sleep training wisdom last year) about Ben's non-eating situation & one of their Tresillian ladies was kind enough to chat with me for ages about it all. They are the single most reassuring, confidence-building people on God's green earth. I truly am so thankful for their existence! She gave me wonderful advice, tips & reassured me that I'm not the world's worst mother. She is also referring me on to return to the care cottage so someone can hold my hand to try some stuff out with Benny boy. Thank goodness!

7. ABC2 airs Arrested Development every Thursday night like it's new. Every week I laugh about it but I always seem to tune in whether I plan to or not. I'm sorry but there is no hope of anyone ever being funnier than the Bluth family.

8. I have the silliest, most wonderful, aggravating, gorgeous, maddening, silly son on earth.

9. The heated mattress cover on my bed is warming up as I type so I can settle in shortly & play stupid word games on my iPod Touch before I pass out. Don't worry, I turn the heater thing off once I get in bed so Fonzie doesn't have a chance to get too toasty in there.

10. I found the bloody remote control! I was using the DVD remote control just to control the volume & it slid down the side of the couch (yes, I had checked it already a few times) & when I dug down deep to get it, there were TWO remotes waiting for me. Cha-ching!

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