21 June 2011

sickly sickersons

I'm going to preface this entry by saying we really are doing well around here so don't worry about all the stuff I'm about to tell you. We are surviving for now!

Ben's cold is on its way out, just the hacking cough remains if he gets worked up or is outside in the wind. And you can't be outside without the wind or getting worked up so we've been indoors. I guess it's good that the rain came back this afternoon after all. Ugh. And the last two nights he's woken up every 2-3 hours coughing his little brains out so needs comforting & water. Yes his cold is going, which means my cold is just about to arrive. Last time I thought I was getting sick, it just went away before it kicked in so I'm hoping complaining enough about this one will cause it to do the same! I self-medicated with a big bowl of laksa this afternoon, which always comforts a sick Ashley but then I also did the unthinkable & got an order of spring rolls. The spring rolls from Spice in Terrigal are my favorite but every single time I ate them last time I was pregnant, I got ill. Not a little ill but vomiting & diarrhea for hours & praying for death on the bathroom floor kind of ill so I'm not sure where my brain went today. Please pray for me.

Ben did take a good nap today & went down quickly without a fuss so that's a blessing. Too bad he woke up at just the moment I was preparing myself to lie down too for a quick nap of my own - I think the laksa was kicking in. Then I really did start to feel a bit off but not terrible & still so sleeeeepy. Sadly, between the weather & the sickies in the house there has been a lot of TV watching today & I put on Toy Story 2 & fell asleep on the couch for a few minutes, waking up to Ben knocking on my head saying "Hellllllooo," which is adorable but I was too queasy to enjoy it properly. I hope that's all that the spring rolls have in store for me because I'm already feeling better but I still have my 4th antibiotic tablet of the day to take & I have my suspicions that it's that medicine making me sick, ignoring all the extensive spring roll history I've had.

And why the antibiotic? Well, I've got myself another urinary tract infection! Huzzah. They warned me that if I got one, I could very easily get more & I guess they were right. Again, like last time, I don't feel any effects of it - if it's making me more tired than normal I wouldn't know. I figure all pregnant women with toddlers are exhausted so whatever.

So to recap, I'm 6 months pregnant, alone with a sick tired toddler, a growing cold of my own, a bladder infection, antibiotics, queasiness, so sleepy that I'm tempted to skip Masterchef (the horror, the horror)(also one of the judges accidentally gave away the result on his facebook page so I'll survive). Luckily, we happened to book a dcotor's appointment for Ben tomorrow just for a check-up but I'll feel better having her check out his lovely cough too. And I'm hoping my antibiotics will help knock out the little bug forming in my throat. We shall see. But seriously, we're actually doing really well - having fun, reading lots of books to each other, singing songs, running errands, cleaning & other random nonsense.

Hey! On the plus side of life I have been desperately trying to figure out what to do with my hair because I hate it & hate everything I've done to it recently. So I heard an ad on the radio for a place that is trying to attract new customers with an offer to do anything to your hair for $85! They said in the commercial that you could get bleached out, dye it pink & leave with an updo for $85 so I thought "Game ON!" Now, I realize this is a recipe for disaster but I'm impressed by their moxie & a very smart way to get new people through their doors. I also like the fact that were friendly when I called & said "Are you seriously telling me I can have a full head of highlights & haircut for $85? Hmmmm ..." in a less than trusting voice.

So I'm going back to blonde. I would have done this ages ago but to go blonde from darker you really need to do a full head of highlights & that usually costs an arm & a leg & sometimes a spleen so I've been putting it off until we are less broke. But like a bolt from heaven, these people have entered my life just in time before I started pulling my hair out due to frustration. I will absolutely post before & after pictures, even if it turns out as badly as it seriously could. At least it will be an adventure! And I'm finally hacking off that weird bottom layer hanging off of my hair that looks like a grown-out mullet or something. I need to find a good cut in a magazine that I can drag in with me so I don't do my usual "I want some shape, take as much length as you need to get the dead ends but nothing too drastic & make my fringe actual fringe again." Basically I always walk out with a shorter version of exactly what I already have but I need some style in my life, people. The good Lord knows I'm not getting it from my maternity wear.

Anyway, it's freezing & pouring down rain & I need to go take the trash out. Boooooo. The problem we have is that our rubbish bin (how Aussie is that?) is too small. I am always looking enviously at the neighbors' bigger one but have not made it to Bunnings to get one for ourselves, as if it would fit in my matchbox car! Anyway, so trash night is always Marcel's burden because he's strong enough to manhandle all the bags into the bin. I did not do so well last week with one bag bursting out & I'm pretty sure the trash guy broke our trash can on purpose out of spite (this is how my brain works) because the handle is suddenly broken on one side. I'm not holding my breath that this week will be any more successful but I guess some people have real worries in life so I should be grateful that my biggest drama is literally rubbish.

Well, my son is sitting in a basket on the floor where he fell into it but is apparently too lazy or too comfortable to get back up. I'm pretty sure that is the perfect summary of life in our house this week. I should got shake him up or give him a lecture or something motherly. Have a lovely night!

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