11 April 2011

Good day, sunshine

Let me announce that my darling son went down for his nap today without drama, stalling or me having to lose my cool. If everyday was like this, I would be the most relaxed mama on earth! Alas, I have a feeling there must be a disturbance in the universe, some lucky fluke that caused it so I'm not holding my breath for it to happen again anytime soon. I am also aware that this guarantees that it will be a major pain in the butt to get him to sleep tonight.

I think I've officially gone overboard on blaming things on pregnancy. I find myself using a pinch of a Southern accent suddenly this week & I don't know where it's come from so I'm blaming hormones. I don't know if they work that way, though. I've also been repeating odd phrases - saying things like "I'd watch so & so read the phone book" when I think they're a good actor. And keep in mind I spent a gazillion hours a day every day with a toddler so he's the one I keep saying this stuff to! He is learning way too much about my preferences for entertainment & unfortunately my baby brain truly is affecting my taste. We were driving around the other day & a song came on the radio that I enjoy - while bopping around to it, I found myself announcing "Ben, this is the single greatest song that has ever been written. You remember that!" The song? I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. Luckily, I was able to take it back but what it if it's too late & that was the moment that his brain officially started retaining the trivia that I routinely belch out?!? How do I undo this?

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy that song way too much for someone my age, boringness & with my lack of rhythm.

Another bonus for today was that I found the veggie bacon back in stock at our grocery store - it was practically overflowing the shelf so I'm a happy girl. Of course after all this anticipation there is a strong chance I'll have two bites of it & never want to taste it again. I also ate an entire bag of chips with a little tub of dip - I hope this craving ends soon because it really is making me hate myself, yet I can't say no!

Not much else to report so I shall return to my ever-loving-never-ending task of rolling balls out of Play-Doh & handing them to Ben so he can say "Ball!" & add it to the growing pile. There is a good chance I will chuck all four tubs of Play-Doh, which of course are no longer distinguishable in color just mish-mashed, in the nearest river before this day is over. I can only make balls & snakes out of it - I like to think if I had more time before someone snatched it out of my hands that I could make something more complex & creative but we'll never know!

So anyway, do come back tomorrow because I'll actually have something worthwhile to talk to you about. Hope to see you then!

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