09 April 2011

hair did

Here's a head scratcher for you. Yesterday, I finally broke down & got my hair trimmed. Hallelujah, etc! I didn't go to my normal expensive place so we could save money but then I got suckered into getting an extra conditioning treatment (I will say yes to anything that involves a scalp massage, I admit it) so it ended up costing more than the expensive place. Grrrrr. Anyway, that's not the head scratcher. So, it was just a trim & yesterday it looked just the same but shorter, exactly what I expected. And yet this morning when I woke up, suddenly THIS was on my head:

I am not exaggerating - I went to bed with blah & woke up with The Rachel. I don't know what happened but I have my suspicions that the ghost of a 90s stylist attacked me, protesting the years of extreme straightening that followed this iconic do. It doesn't even look bad, it even looks downright styled with the little flippy bits on the side. Bizarro. If I could take a picture of myself without showing my scuzzy face, I would share this hair shock with you. I'm assuming once I shower & dry it on my own it will be back to its flat & boring self.

Okay, through the magic of blogging I am now showered & dressed. Well, pretty much dressed except my jeans are unbuttoned & unzipped to make way for my gut baby bump. Must break out the pants extender things today. Hair is looking better, less frou-frou & less like a 90s sitcom character. And again, I have nothing against 90s hair - while I would never request anything other than simple modern hair when I go to the salon, if my hair stylist (only if it's Lori in Nashville or one the ladies at Allure in Terrigal - my trusted hair guild if you will) said, "Hey Ashley, we should try something short, tousled & sassy. Something ala Meg Ryan from (insert movie here)" I would probably be so excited that she'd have to peel me off the ceiling before the haircutting could begin! I think everyone has their decade & between quirky hair, "alternative" music & the movie Singles I would accept nothing less than the 90s.

Marcel is off to help a friend work today - hard labor the poor boy so it's another day of The Adventures of Mama & Ben. I'll give you a sneak preview that it probably involves a lot of Ben running around & Mama sitting on various surfaces encouraging him. I do have more energy than before & much less nausea (nervously knocking on wood over here) but I'm still pretty useless. I think we'll attempt a walk today if I can figure out how to properly pump up the front tire on our fancy stroller. I have got to get some exercise in this pregnancy because I'm already turning into Jabba. My first pregnancy I did alright keeping most of my junk in the belly where it belongs but this time it's just making itself comfortable wherever it likes. Not cool.

Also on my list of pregnancy complaints is the total takeover of facial hair - I will be the first to say I am blessed by pale hair so I try to temper my complaints but those of you who share my peachfuzz tendencies understand that it is a serious situation. If I don't get my "upper lip" waxed regularly & the sun hits me just right, you'd think Matthew McConaughey had taken residence up there. And you may remember from my last pregnancy the fluffy kitten that curled up on my neck? Yeah, it's back. I'm taking care of that hot mess today myself - no one needs a fuzzy neck! I usually refuse to do any obvious waxing on myself for the realization that all mistakes are on public display but desperate times call for desperate measures! 

I'm sure there are lovely parts to being pregnant but I am just gobsmacked by the truly bizarre & terrible side effects that sneak up on you when you least expect it. Today's craving is the same as it as been for a few days - I would like some veggie bacon please. It has been mysteriously out of stock at the two grocery stores I've checked for it recently. I am alarmed by this because let's face it, I am probably the only person who regularly puts veggie bacon on my shopping list. Do I have some new arch-nemesis out to destroy the things I enjoy? Or worse, is Sanitarium considering not making it anymore? NOTE TO SANITARIUM: You don't want to do this. You have no idea how much So Good soy milk our household consumes. You mess with us we'll take you down, homies!

Okay, I should go. Ben has discovered the joy of throwing all the pillows off the outdoor daybed onto the ground & rolling around on them. I'm trying to decide whether to wrangle the situation to make it slightly safer or to just knock him out of the way & take over the pillow pile for myself! If my Rachel hair shows back up, I'll be sure to grab an umbrella, jump in a fountain & take some pictures for you. Promise me you'll do the same if it sneaks up on you!

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  1. Ahh the Rachel, brings back so many memories. I still say they were my best hair days :) Nicx