13 April 2011

Winner here, thank you very much.

Hey, guess what??? My luck is a'changing! I'm not going into the whole amnio thing until we have results & something to report but I have other HUGE news. Prepare yourself. I WON SOMETHING! Something good. Something I really wanted. There were two things I've been aiming for in all the babyology.com.au competitions - either a fancy diaper bag because it's just a luxury & I already have a fabulous one or a baby carrier because we had one before & we hated it so we gave it away. I think we were too rash & I've been wanting a nicer one with back support, etc.

I WON A FANCY BABY CARRIER! Check me out folks:

I imagine this will be Marcel & me very soon (except in dove grey)(unless it's not available then I will happily take that lime):

I've been running my mouth off a lot recently about how crap 2011 has been - everything seems to be going wrong for everyone. Recently, I've seen luck turning around for some friends & now I'm hoping it's made its way to us. 

Thank you all again for all your prayers & well wishes. We love you guys madly & should have results before the weekend. 

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  1. Bugger, I must not have filled out the crazy-word-to-prove-I'm-not-a-robot thingy yesterday! So glad you won this fab carrier! If anyone deserves a break!! I can feel your luck a'changin' Nicx