19 April 2011

Tuesday, Shmuesday

Howdy there. I keep disappearing but I promise all is well - every now & then I just don't feel like talking about all this pregnancy crap. Shocking, right? Lord knows I love to complain but it turns out when there is actually something serious to whine about I'd rather just live through it then let it go. But long story short, we are having another rotten little boy who is apparently quite healthy so that's all that's important.

After the amnio I did have some leaking amniotic fluid, which scared the bejeezus out of me. I won't go into all of it because the story involves too many uncomfortable words like fluid, gush, damp, trickle & speculum. Gack. Anyway, I am no longer leaking - huzzah - but I'm still trying to get over the paranoid feeling that it could start again any second.

So, it doesn't appear Ben will nap today. I am willing to accept his non-napping if he is willing to stay in his bed for an hour & 1/2 or so peacefully. Kick around, talk to himself, etc. is just fine - I consider that resting & I have no complaints whatsoever when the child actually goes to bed quickly at night. I love love LOVE when he's go to sleep right away so I can enjoy some time with my husband that doesn't involve us going back & forth saying "No Ben, lie down. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Goooo to Sleeeeep." Odd that it doesn't work like that.

Hey! Some jerks broke into my car last night. Well, let's be honest - there is a strong chance I forgot to lock my car because I had to bring Ben in & another load of bags or something. I am going to give these turds some credit that they never seem to break into any of the neighborhood cars that have locked doors & they don't do any damage. They rifle through everything but I had nothing worth stealing - they obviously didn't appreciate the awesome pair of Michael Kors shoes in the trunk. Marcel told me I was the only one who could love those things but whatever. The one shitheady thing they did was leave the door open a bit, which they also did to our neighbor (after stealing her perfume!) so I thought my battery was dead. The clicker thing wouldn't work & the light didn't come on but I realized after Marcel came all the way home to jump the car (too broke to pay someone & didn't want to harass a neighbor so the husband felt sorry for me) that of course the clicker doesn't work when the door is open & our car actually shuts off the battery function if the little light stays on too long to save itself. Brilliant car, stupid me. They also smoked in my car or just reeked of smoke themselves so now my car smells like smoke. Sadly, that might be an improvement from the random food smell that I can't get out of there! I shall be cleaning the car this weekend when I can take the car seat out & all that fun stuff.

So anyway, I guess we'll still consider ourselves as doing well since nothing was stolen or broken or whatever & our baby is healthy (I should lead with that, shouldn't I?). But now the baby's older brother is whining so I'm off to negotiate with myself on how long I should make him stay in there to consider him properly rested. I am going to have to break down & do a little sleep training again, I'm afraid - he is such a stubborn turd.

Have a beautiful day wherever you are!

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  1. And holy crap, today will not end. No, Ben was not resting peacefully as i claimed. He was pooping & taking off his pj pants & magically getting his diaper off from under his onesie (which used to be my method of keeping his diaper on during sleep times) without taking the onesie off. So I've had to wash his stupid sheets again & he's running full steam without any rest. I straighten one room up while he's destroying another one. Playing outside for hours did nothing to calm him down, he's currently walking my camera around like a dog on a leash (my next blog will be wondering why my camera doesn't work anymore) & I have a million dishes to do. If I win the lottery, I'm buying a dishwasher & hiring a nanny. I'm really bad at this stay at home mom crap. I miss the office!