25 April 2011

Rain, rain go away

Shit just got real, ya'll. This pregnancy has gotten organized. I bought a "compendium" to keep all my test requests, results, scan images, lists of questions & random research all straight. Compendium, huh? Who knew that was a word? Not I. Basically, it's a boring Trapper Keeper for adults - no Lisa Frank available, no dancing horses, no boy bands. My overactive 14 year-old inner self is itching to cover it in stickers or write cute boys names all over it but I fear none of the medical professionals would take me seriously if I waltzed in with an eyesore like that. I am incredibly proud of how organized everything is in there & can't wait to zzzzip that satisfying velcro at my next appointment. Woo-doggy, people are going to take notice of my awesome organizational skills let me tell you.

I can't remember when my last update was for you so I'll give you the rundown of my last midwife appointment. They brought a consulting OB doctor in with the midwife who informed me that the part of my blood result that was "bad" (the PAPP-A) can also cause low birth weight so they will be keeping a very close eye on the baby & he's got me taking blood tests once a week for the next few weeks to make sure no infection has crept in after my leaking incident. Lovely. So basically all is still good but people are keeping an eye on me - ugh.

It's a crappy rainy day here & I've had a throbbing headache all day. Ben has been down for a nap for ages & I've let him sleep way over when I usually wake him up because we have nothing to do when he wakes up. It's ANZAC Day so shops are only open a few hours & he has slept through those hours & the rain prevents any outdoor fun. Poor boy is going to be bored as poo when he wakes up, then we'll be up all night with him because he's slept too late this afternoon. I hate days when we watch too much TV but he's a bit too young for arts & crafts & let's face it, my brain probably can't handle it anyway.

I did some experimenting in the kitchen & absolutely butchered some homemade mozzarella cheesesticks with panko crumbs - they kind of exploded but were still fairly tasty. Luckily the chewy chocolate chip cookies I made were perfection so I survived.

Today is also Marcel day so he's had the whole day off with no me or Benny to bother him. He left late this morning & I haven't heard a peep from him all day. I was supposed to do the same yesterday but couldn't make it happen - I was tired & yuck so stayed home with them. I did get a decent nap so that's a high five. Maybe I'll leave the house tomorrow for a while by myself - pedicure? Meandering around Borders (before it closes)? Wild times, my friends. Crap, I'm watching Family Ties for some odd reason & I do believe a teenage Crispin Glover is a guest on it - he wasn't creepy yet back then.

Anyway, I hear Ben whining so I'm going to go rescue him from his little prison. Maybe we'll bust out the finger paints or the Play-Doh. Alls I know is there will be cookies involved.


  1. A compendium? That is seriously serious! I think you should cover it with stickers and boys names :) And if you should decide to go for a visit to Borders tomorrow then call me - I AM IN!

    Anyhoo, what I wanted to say today was this - I am passing on a LOVELY BLOG award to you, I know calm yourself. It is my FIRST (I plan to get many more ;)) so I'm not sure if serious bloggers accept these things but wanted to pay you the compliment anyway. As we know, I think you're hill-air-ee-us and want to be your agent when penguin becomes a book (have I said that too many times) Read more about my generous award here if you so desire :) Nicx

  2. Ack, sorry I missed this until now Nicole - would have loved to have had your company at Borders. I am the slowest, worst browser there though so you probably came out ahead on that one!

    And thank you for the Lovely Blog award - love it!! Can't wait to brag about it & do my sharing when I have a free moment this afternoon.