30 April 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who truly was the fairest of them all? 

I promise to keep my royal wedding hysteria to this one post & never to utter another word about how it bewitched me, made me cry (pregnancy hormones alert) or made my cynical heart grow two sizes. 
Whatever, even non-romantic girls are allowed to love a good wedding from time to time.
This one did not disappoint. Sure, I was underwhelmed about the use of those trees that we saw being hauled in. They looked lovely, don't get me wrong, but they had my imagination running wild. I guess it's not really possible to have dim lighting & twinkle lights & hanging lanterns in Westminster Abbey - I can't even imagine how many light & lanterns that would take. And dim lighting would be a disaster with all those rogue fancy hats darting about as well. Yikes.

Anyway, on to the nitty gritty folks. Who knocked your socks off in this beautiful bunch of British charmers? 

Okay, these may be the obvious choices. 
She nailed it with the dress choice.
He brought that little girl fantasy of Prince Charming to life.

But was the new Duchess of Cambridge upstaged by her sister Pippa?
Marcel gave his stamp of approval on her church cleavage.
She handle those kids with grace & poise.
I am mad for a dress with a cowl neck.

The the girl went & blew it out of the park with her reception dress.
This is my kind of fairy tale dress - love that green!
I do hope she ate her heart out at the reception along with Kate.
I can't imagine the pressure of wanting to look nice for billions of people so I'm not saying they got too skinny by any means - they looked fantastic. But yeah, I hope they ate one of everything in that place.

Probably fair to say these royal hot messes didn't make anyone's best dressed list.
I think they were protesting the royal shunning of the Ferg-meister.
If I had an appropriate hat, I would join them.
But I will never own a hat like either of those.

Oh Harry, who knew you'd be the better looking one?
Was I the only one wondering about his ginormous shoulders?
If the sight of this man in a carriage of little flower girls didn't warm your heart, you are a robot.

Good heavens, almighty.
Posh looked mighty nice but look at dapper David Beckham!
Ding, ding, ding, ding!
We have a winner. 

He wins because I'm too lazy to look for any more pictures & I've forgotten where these have come from - most from gofugyourself.com, maybe one from people.com & eonline.com. That should cover that.

Who did I forget? Did you even care? 
I've got to go wake up my napping son & husband so we can get on with our afternoon.
Hope you enjoyed the royal festivities & if not, I will not knock you over the head with them again.
But come on, isn't it gorgeous to see young people in love??? 

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