19 April 2011

The robe & the child.

So, I finally broke down & bought a robe yesterday. I have a little hanger-on that doesn't allow me privacy when I get ready in the morning so I thought I could afford a little modesty so he'd stop poking at my doughy thighs. Robe shopping is painful for me because I have something in my mind that I can't find - I do not want something terry-cloth or particularly puffy because they always end up damp & crap. I just spent a few minutes googling various combinations of Rachel Green/Friends/Robe, etc. because in one episode of Friends where all of the pals went to Vegas, leaving Rachel home roaming around in a robe ... until she dropped it off, inadvertently seducing poor Ross who was peaking from his apartment across the street. It was an awesome soft long robe that I have never been able to find under a gazillion dollars. Turns out that the budget for that show about young'uns hanging out in New York may not have been accurate to what real young'uns in New York can afford. The horror, the horror. And no pictures of it are to be found in my intense googling. Maybe my computer is just telling me that I google Jennifer Aniston too much - hint taken.

Anyway, this is turning into a painful tale just to say I bought what is most definitely an old man's robe because it was on sale for $15 at K-Mart. Don't judge me, I didn't go looking for it - it was just hanging there in my line of sight while I was trying to find supplies for Ben's Easter basket. I bought a large as I will be quadrupling in size over the next months so I think you can imagine how sexy I look in this thing. Like a walrus in a striped kimono. It may be the single least flattering piece of clothing I have ever owned. Stopped Marcel in his tracks - it's glorious.

For lack of a proper segue, let's chat about having another boy. Yes, a bit of me was hoping for a girl but I'm fine - especially after the bad test results then leaking fluid, I'll be happy with whatever healthy little creature makes his/her grand entrance (is it wrong to wish for a goat baby?). There are exactly two reasons why I have any disappointment whatsoever. Three if you count my Gilmore Girls fantasies about being best buddies with my teenage daughter but Marcel would refuse to be the diner dude in a hat all the time & there would surely have been more shrieking & slamming doors in my Lorelai/Rory relationship. Anyway, my biggest disappointment was with not being able to name a girl. I have a whole list of fruity, flowery, old lady names that I was constantly rearranging to see what worked best. Apparently Magnolia Mae was not be - neither was Memphis Rue or whatever I was teaming with Memphis at the time. And no, there shan't be a third so no girl for us.

I'm not a big fan of anything too over the top for boys in my world but that's probably because we're already working with the gorgeous & different last name of Eisele, which I LOVE. Also any son of ours is already bound to be quirky so let's just keep his name simple to save any added heartache. Luckily the world is a'changing so a lot more interesting names are considered non-goofy so we just have to keep bonking our heads on the table until the right one comes together. Ugh.

Reason #2 I wanted a girl was to decorate a girl's room. This would really only have counted for the early years because any daughter of mine would have been a stubborn, opinionated little turd who would ignore my dreams of "an overgrown garden in Paris in the autumn of 1930" or something painfully annoying & go with modern bright colors just to send me over the interior design edge. Instead I get boys who will probably have boring rooms but at least I'll get to be in charge of them. And I have already put my finger in Marcel's face to warn him that just because I'm outnumbered does not mean I'm not in charge of this house. I will decorate the rest of the home as I see fit & our master bedroom will be as feminine & lovely as I damn well want it to be since I'll need an oasis from the testosterone stink of this place. I am a little bit passionate about decorating, even though you can't really tell from our current bland lounge & dining rooms - I've got the itch to redo some things but it turns out you need money for such endeavours.

Okay, it's 8.00am & Ben is just now waking up after knocking out about 30 seconds after we laid him down last night. Maybe I should just keep up the no napping trend & enjoy the lovely nights! We shall see. Off to start the day with my wild boy.

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