27 April 2011

Why can't I come up with any witty titles these days?

Another rainy day, people. What are we to do? In the few minutes of clear sky we had some fun in the backyard, Ben sliding on a soaking wet slide & wearing his too-small gum boots. Adding new awesome boots to his list of 2nd birthday presents!

Got a great phone call a little while ago - the final results from our amniocentesis came in & all is officially well!! Very excited & relieved to hear that. There was a teeny tiny chance of something being wrong even after that first set of results & at the rate we have been going, we were more than a teeny tiny bit nervous. High five to being clear of those chromosomal issues.

In other wonderfully exciting good news, I am getting my hair done on Friday! Yes, I just had a haircut a couple of weeks ago but I don't count it because she butchered my layers & only cut half of my bangs - I've been wearing them brushed over so told her to cut them shorter but angle them for leaving them to the side. She didn't do that & she only bothered to cut the one side. WTF? Yes, I know I should have gone back & demanded a redo but I am too stubborn to return to someone who has made a mistake (& in 2011 the Rachel is a mistake!) with my hair. Allure, here I come! And yes, I'm going for the Ophelia:

I am aware that getting a hair cut is not going to give me long luscious bouncy locks but I can at least get my shape ready, my bangs done properly & finally get the red hair I've been thinking about for months. I'm very excited & shall obviously post "after" pictures when I'm done. Anything is better than my current "before." Nevermind. Do you ever open Photo Booth to take a quick picture of yourself when you think it will be pretty or in this case, funny then when Photo Booth pops up you look like a fat troll that has stumbled into some terrible lighting under its bridge. Holy moly, where did that 3rd chin come from? And where did my makeup go? It's a sure way to destroy what's left of my self-esteem that's for sure!

Man oh man, I have been cleaning on & off all day but you would never be able to tell. I'm not sure what black hole I've wandered into that causes me to clean, scrub & straighten then have nothing to show for it at the end of the day. I've decided that today is cleaning surfaces, washing dishes & a couple of loads of laundry, then tomorrow is sweeping, mopping, vacuuming & the rest of the laundry. Are you still awake? I'm very sorry but I have nothing else going on in my life at the moment. Should I start making up stories about the wild parties I'm going to at night (after getting Ben off to sleep, of course) with Mick Jagger & Elton John? HOW OLD AM I? Could I choose some contemporary celebrities??? Do people even use the word "contemporary" anymore? I'll be sure to ask the Kardashians & Robert Pattinson & those crazy kids from the Jersey Shore at my next wild shindig. Dang, they don't say "shindig" either do they?

Anyway, now that I've messed up my kick-ass reputation I'm off to dry my sheets. Beat that, jerks.

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