28 April 2011

take two

Okay, I tried to do a post earlier & the formatting was ALL over the place - I had pasted something into the blog & that always throws everything off for some odd reason so I just deleted it. These new-fangled computers are witchy little creatures aren't they?

So little Fonzarelli is getting active, squirming & somersaulting like the wild child I know he is. It's not the "real" kicking that you can feel from the outside, just feels like my belly is squirrelly from time to time. I forgot how much it feels like an alien is in there when the kid has started movin' & a'groovin'. I'm eager for him to be big & strong enough so that Marcel can feel him bumping around too but I guess I've got to be patient. I'm just 17 weeks now & he is the size of an onion now apparently - only a million gazillion weeks left!

I'm getting quite eager for the royal wedding tomorrow, I'm not ashamed to admit. Seeing all those trees moved into Westminster Abbey brought a very big smile to my face - I think we've got a lively one with young Kate & I can't wait to see how beautiful & over the top this sucker's gonna be! Also eager to see how she went with her dress - she's worked in fashion so will she push the envelope or stick to safe & traditional?

I shall be celebrating with newly cut, coloured & styled hair - yes, I shall be fresh from the salon but I will have moved into my pj's so I can celebrate just the way Queenie WISHES she could. I wonder what the Queen's jammies are like? Anyway, because the wedding is on at a reasonable hour here I'll get Ben to bed & then Marcel & I will be whoopin' it up with the Windsors & Middletons. Does Marcel know this? No & it's best not to warn him lest he fake an injury to get out of it. I think we'll keep it simple with tea & crumpets, which seems plenty British to me without me having to do any work. Maybe baked beans & toast? Such sophisticated choices.

I've been suffering a bit of heartburn the past couple of days. Figures that I would finally lose the constant nausea then get lovely heartburn instead but it's pretty minor thus far so fingers crossed that it doesn't get worse anytime soon. Last pregnancy I had it pretty severely but that wasn't until I was much further along. That doesn't mean anything, though, I guess. Anyway, this is boring.

Oh yeah, let me tell you what terrible headline I saw today. Nothing much just an 18 month old soccer player that has already been signed by a professional team because he shows so much promise! You fools told me that Ben & I were Li'l Kickers drop-outs because kids that young weren't meant to play soccer & I couldn't expect that much from him so young. Thanks doofuses, I could have had a little Beckham on my hands. Oh my, I wouldn't mind having a little Beckham on my hands. See what I did there??? I'll blame my hormones.

Alright, I'm outy. Enjoy your Royal Wedding Eve ... unless you aren't the kind to enjoy such revelry then you go back to your troll's den & be a grouch, why don't you.

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