05 April 2011

hola muchachos

I wish you could see me right now. Really I don't. I'm on my side on the couch, propped up by pillows, moaning & groaning because I ate my lunch too fast & too late & I've abandoned my proud proper 10-finger typing posture. Hen-pecking today so probably won't use full sentences & will give up all together soon. Ben is luckily sucked into Thomas the Tank Engine at the moment so at least I don't have to feel guilty for not entertaining him. Nope, just have to feel guilty about him watching too much TV during this pregnancy. I love the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song - so long, so overly descriptive. The best is the long list of every train & their personal attribute ... until they get to Toby where they just give up & say "Well, let's say he's square." THAT'S how I feel today. "Ashley? Well, let's say she's conscious." That's it, nothing more, just existing at this point.

So that's as far as I made it yesterday. Oh well, nothing else to tell you about the day - spent a lot of time outside in the sun while it was making its appearance. I was still feeling quite disgusting & in pain so I just dragged a blanket out there & sprawled out while Ben played. It drove him nuts & he kept trying to drag me off to play but I eventually won, which is actually sad when I say it that way. I also aimed my head into the brightest patch I could find, strongly willing the sun to take pity on me & bless me with some natural highlights since I still can't afford real ones. I am finally getting a hair cut this weekend at least so that will be a giant leap back towards civilized society!

Let's see what else. We ran some errands yesterday morning so naturally Ben fell fast asleep in the car on the way to said errands at a bright & early 9.30am! The end of daylight savings has thrown the poor boy for a loop. I have a policy that whenever he falls asleep in the car, I aim for Terrigal & park at the Haven so I can watch the waves smash the rocks while the boy is passed out. Nothing like a sea breeze through the car & the sun on the windows to keep a kid snoozing. Do you think it would be wrong for me to just do his nap like that every day? It's wrong, isn't it? Anything that indulgent must be bad for us. Anyway, now when we head out I throw a book in the car just in case he falls asleep & I get bored of the waves - two hours of peace & quiet & can't feel guilty because I'm not cleaning or anything. It's heaven.

On the other extreme, today he woke up at 5.30am & I gave him a bottle. This 5.30am business is ridonkulous but it's another reaction to the time change & the bottle usually buys me an extra 15 minutes or so to wake up more properly but this morning he went back to sleep ... until 8.00am!! Had I known this was a possibility I would have stayed in bed after giving him his bottle but nooooo, I expected he'd be back up momentarily so I got up. Heavens almighty, I've bored myself with this story. Oh yeah, he also skipped his nap completely so there's that too. Okay, now moving on.

Accomplished something spectacular today as well. I made some decaf sweet tea! How glorious!!!! I don't know why I never thought of this before - there's nothing easier to make than sweet tea & nothing makes me happier. Well, a lot of things make me happier but sweet tea is pretty high up on the list. And because it's decaf I feel like I can drink tons & tons but I expect the sugar content probably ain't too hot for the baby either. And can I tell you that we do not have a jug for drinks! I was actually going to take the filter out of the water thing but you can't take the whole section out & that would have messed up the sugar combining with the tea so I had to settle for using a decorative container swiped from one of our shelves. I have to say it was a panicky decision that I was afraid I would regret & I had to rearrange fridge shelves to make room for it but it is pretty darn adorable! It's a country looking glass thing that actually says "Country ...." something on it & that's appropriate for the tea. If my camera battery wasn't dead I'd actually take a picture. Precious.

Also made a veggie meatloaf, which is still cooking. The only reason this is big news is because it involves sautéing onions, which has been the arch nemesis of my gag reflex for months now but it went just fine. I halved the amount of onion & doubled the amount of red capsicum/bell pepper to help balance the smell out & it worked a charm.

Hahahaha, just a side note that Marcel is currently dragging my jug of tea out of the fridge to take a picture of it for me with his phone. Bless that man for indulging the whims of a whiny pregnant lady. I think he's currently working out a lighting scheme so this could take a while. Did I mention that the tea is a little bitter? I did the tried & true Southern trick of adding a pinch of baking powder to the water to take out bitterness (okay, a website told me to - not sure if it's tried & true Southern) but do you think it's the fact that it's decaf or did I just not add enough sugar? I didn't want to add more than a cup of sugar for fear that I'm caramelizing the dear child in my womb & it's not bitter enough to turn this sensitive tasting machine off of it so it's still hitting the spot & soothing my craving. All good in the hood.
So the lighting didn't work wonderfully but he did set it with my pear so that's awesome.
Please note that while I have had a few cups of tea, it's a large jug so I haven't had THAT much.
Okay, that's all I've got. I'm burping sweet tea & need to go check my veggie loaf because I am a starvin' marvin! Hope all is well where you are. xx

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