01 May 2011

Our Haven

Finally changed my picture to something that's a bit more suitable to Australian living. And it portrays me as I truly am these days with my new red hair (must take a picture when it's actually styled) & with my lovely pregnancy fattery, lumps & all. 

I have to tell you we spent a bit of time today at what has become our favorite little corner of the world these days. We used to live in the beautiful beach town of Terrigal, here on the Central Coast of NSW & they've developed one of the corners of the beach into a perfect family destination called The Haven. Large sandstone block walls surround the back of the beach so there's always somewhere dry & relatively sandfree to sit plus it's a protected cove so there are never any waves to swamp little ones. They've built some walkways up around the grassy hills with lookouts over the Pacific & the waves crashing on the rocks below plus the grassy area is the leash-free running zone for dogs so there's always friendly locals wagging their tails your way. 

Most importantly perhaps is the Haven takeaway where we gobble up our week's worth of fish & chips - while it's a sacrilege to not have greasy fish & chips, they seem to keep the grease to a miraculous bare minimum. One day we'll give the sit-down cafe a try & I'm going to steal most of their beachy furniture. I would love to see how much furniture I could fit into my tiny car - I might be able to fit a chair. Next time, I'll remember to take a picture.

Anyway, we haven't lived in Terrigal for over a year but that little slice of it still feels like home & there is nothing Ben loves more than running for his life on the beach, gulls & pelicans scattering in his wake. I just think there's not a lovelier place to be on our side of the world. 

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  1. The little dots in the water are surfers, by the way. There were unusually huge waves at Terrigal yesterday so we watched the guys & gals off the point while pigging out.