08 May 2011

Big Ole Belly

Ben's currently distracted by Playschool so I stole a few minutes to make my bed & take some pictures of myself ... for you, of course. I don't just sit around & take picture of myself all the time or anything. Nope, no, not me. Never.

As always, don't judge me. I never lost Ben's baby weight and this tummy has freaking POPPED already. Last time it didn't really show up like this until 6 months & I'm only just 5 months now. I am scared. It's going to be one legendary belly bump this go 'round, I'm afraid.

I don't recommend using Photo Booth to take pictures of yourself across the room.
Lots of dashing over the bed to hit the button then only having 3 seconds to pose.
There were no good faces made.

Well, unless you count this one where I knew it was too late to dive back to position.
I was going for serious. I think I landed somewhere between infectious with that unhealthy computer glow on my face & like I might crawl through the screen & steal your hair if it looks better than mine.
It does by the way.

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