03 May 2011

Who are you calling sweet potato??

My oh my, what a few days this world has seen! From the biggest most gloriously happy wedding to the death of the biggest most glorious boogie man. It's probably not meant to be boogie man because that sounds rather jazzy & fun, not scary but my spellcheck kept changing boogey to bogey - if that's correct, I refuse to acknowledge it because that word would not be pronounced boooooogey like I pronounce it.

Moving on.

This blog is not the place to go into death & destruction, I've decided. I just pray that those affected by 9/11 & other Osama-planned events (embassy bombings, the USS Cole, etc.) get some satisfaction from his death.

So anyway on to the comedy of errors that is my pregnancy. I am 18 weeks today & the bambino is the size of a sweet potato, which is awesome. I got a random voicemail yesterday informing me that I have a urinary infection & to get my rear to the hospital to pick up an antibiotic prescription. Lovely. So now I'm taking 4 pills a day for 5 days. This is absolutely no big deal but for some odd reason it pushed me over the edge yesterday! Seriously, not a big deal - urinary infections are super common in pregnancy & I was warned that I may have more after this one. It just kind of feels like this pregnancy is one piece of crap after another & I'm always waiting to see what's coming next.

Another example is the call I got today. We had an appointment for our 18 week ultrasound on Friday but the place called me today to tell me that they are no longer in business so my appointment is cancelled. GACK! So 5 phone calls later I find someone else who can take me Friday afternoon when Marcel is actually free & then they inform me how much it will cost. What the what now? I remember being a snot & bragging all the time that I paid for NOTHING during Ben's pregnancy (the more I think about things I say & do, the less pleasant I find myself) but suddenly this one is breaking the bank. So then I start thinking that some places just don't bulk bill (bulk bill means Medicare picks up the tab basically) so several more phone calls later I find a place that not only bulk bills but also has a Friday afternoon appointment. Huzzah! Now I just have to call the other place back to cancel - I hate to have to admit to places that I'm cancelling so I don't have to pay them. I know it's a perfectly logical reason but no one enjoys admitting they're cheap. Well, technically we're poor not cheap so that's probably better. Wait, maybe not!

And now my poor schedule book - I can not think of what those things are actually called to save my life - is a mess so I've had to text Marcel to bring some White Out home so I can clean it up. We do not own White Out. We didn't own a highlighter until last week so I obviously am failing our household on the stationary front.

Let's see what else. Play group was back on this morning so we had some fun. We also had some clinginess, some whininess & some not sitting when we were supposed to. Whatever, I've given up on that front until the spirit moves Ben. We still enjoy it & it's great to see all the other kids & moms & to have new entertainment in his life. I'm not even going to mention that Ben has skipped his nap two days in a row now & I absolutely melted down today - tears were involved & a spot of yelling. Can urinary infections cause a lack of patience by any chance?

Hey, back to my crappy pregnancy. I should stop calling it that. Anyway, one of the many blogs I read is The Happy Home, written by a lovely lady that used to be an editor at my favorite home magazine Real Living & has done a beautiful renovation of a little beach shack here on the Central Coast. She has just had a new baby & the baby will be camping out in the master bedroom with her & her husband until they feel she's old enough to move onwards & upwards.

I am not selling this well so let's skip to the gist here - she has decorated the baby's corner of their room so that it actually looks like the baby is supposed to be there. Why did I never think of this? I just threw Ben's crap in our room like it was an intrusion on our world, which seems downright awful now that I think about it. We'll have the bassinet back in our room this go round & are not going to be co-sleeping for our own sanity down the line so my new goal is to make Fonzarelli's tiny corner of the world actually be decorated & lovely for him. If only I could sew so that I could replace the truly terrible fabric on his bassinet. Oh well, bumble bees it is!

Here is a picture of the corner from the Happy Home Blog so you can see what I mean - obviously I am nowhere near as awesome as Belinda so mine will be much different & our corner is minuscule so I won't be able to do all that much. I LOVE what she's done nonetheless.

photo from
Have you ever seen something so precious? Yeah, she is one of those women who find perfect driftwood on the beach or some throwaway furniture on the side of the road that just needs the right coat of paint so I should hate her but she's yet to stir up my wrath. Remind me to tell you about her cubby house some day!

Well, I've reached the end of my rambling for today. I need to clean up my kitchen, check on my 700th load of laundry for the day and decide what to feed us tonight. Have I told you that Masterchef is back & I'm in heaven, by the way? I can't resist that show - I find myself cheering & gasping & saying things like "Marcel!!! Adriano Zumbo is on the first episode. Are you seeing this??? It's ADRIANO ZUMBO!" There is a strong chance of Fonzie's full name being Fonzarelli Adriano Zumbo The Edge Eisele so please tell your kids not to beat him up if they end up at school together.

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