05 May 2011

Things I may have shown you already

I can't remember if I posted pictures of Ben's room after we redid it months ago. I probably did. Hell, I probably did it twice. I have no excuses for my lack of brain - I need to do some algebra quizzes online or something every day so my little mind doesn't continue to whither.

Anyway, I'll just go ahead & post a few pictures of it I took on a clean day. Just ignore them if you've already seen it. Thank you.

Yes, we could name it Ode to Ikea but I don't care, I still love it. 
The little table under the window is currently in the corner of our dining room so Ben can play with Play-Doh & other shenanigans while I'm cleaning or whatever it is I do. 
Spoiler alert: He never sits at the table unless one of us is with him.
The globe is a touch light & is a perfect night light.

Just a shelf on the wall, covered in favorite knick knacks, souvenirs & gifts from awesome friends.

His bed corner looks a little sparse but you really can't put anything within arm's reach of a caged-in Ben or he will rip it down. And it probably only looks sparse to a clutter-lover like myself.
Those lovely light decals, which are also in the first photo at the very top of the wall, actually glow in the dark & are so much fun! You get about a gazillion in an pack so I still have some to use.
You can have them too from http://www.theprincessandthepea.com.au/

Okay, now that the housekeeping is done on to the other nothings I tend to ramble about endlessly. Pregnancy is going aces this week - antibiotics still have a couple of days but I feel fine so that's all good. I've been having the old aches & pains but nothing out the ordinary. It's funny because I remember having aches & pains but it's blissfully easy to forget that those aches & pains actually involve a lot of aching & quite a bit of pain! I do feel lucky to be pregnant in the age of the internet so I can google "18 weeks pregnant pain" & get 500 results from women who spend way too much time on pregnancy forums saying:

Paranoid Lady: You guys, I'm 18 weeks pregnant & am having a ton of pain on the right lower side of my stomach. Like I actually double over in pain. It doesn't feel like a sick stomach. It feels like where the baby is.

Not so Helpful Lady: Oh, that's nothing. Don't worry, I had the exact same thing. But if it really worries you, go see your doctor. It could be a miscarriage or some other serious problem but probably not.

Lady who has it Worse than Anyone in History: I'm 18 weeks too & have been crying for days because I've been in so much pain. I went to my doctor & he said it's just ligaments stretching & completely normal so you're probably fine. But if you aren't sure, definitely go see your doctor.

Lady who isn't Even Pregnant so Why is She Here?: I have a gorgeous one year old angel but when I was pregnant I had terrible pains on my right side but they went away so don't worry, it will get better. And then you'll have a precious baby that you love more than life itself so just focus on that!

Aaaaaaaand scene.

I'm so sorry if you enjoy posting on forums & I should not judge because I do get answers from the batty ladies but seriously some of these women need hobbies. And don't you dare read any of their conversations if you are wondering if you're having a miscarriage because every answer is "Oh, you're fine ... or you are about to miscarry any minute now." Seriously, just skip the cray-cray ladies & get thee to your doctor for some sane answers.

Marcel worked super late last night & will be late again tonight so I'm gearing up for another evening of Ben's nighttime antics alone. Precious child o'mine is getting to be so much fun! He's always been fun but these days he just laughs constantly & loves to jump on the bed after I make it (it's my favorite reason to make it, I'll be honest) & every now & then when I pick him up, he starts absent-mindedly stroking my hair. He's just lovely. I still have my moments of meltdown pretty regularly if he doesn't nap or I can't do the few things I want to accomplish in a day but we're doing okay around here these days. What's that? I'm sorry? Did you say something about famous last words? Whatever, jerk.

And I don't want to drive you nuts with my television obsession, but I'm so freaking tickled at this first week of Masterchef & it's just getting started! As with any competition I watch, I chose a random person on the first episode that I figured would win the whole thing based on absolutely nothing whatsoever. I chose her before she introduced her large ceramic rooster lucky charm. Ugh. She was out on the very first elimination for heavens sake! And that was AFTER she literally fell on her face, dropping all of her ingredients & breaking her lucky charm. I do not have what you call "skill" for betting. Now I'm cheering for Hayden, the lifeguard who keeps surprising me & whose name I quite like. Hmmmm ... Hayden Eisele? Perhaps, perhaps. 

Okay, I shan't bore you with more Masterchef rambling. I'm hoping I can keep Ben distracted long enough to clean the kitchen but I'm not holding my breath. I did a little organizing in my bedside table today - I have to make room for the many new little adorable notebooks I keep buying at Borders going out of business sale. In the 15 minutes of peacefulness while I cleaned, Ben managed to destroy a roll of toilet paper as well as clearing out all four of our bathroom drawers. I'll admit that it was totally worth it but every chore just seems to give me even more work to do!

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