24 May 2011


We grabbed this quick snapshot months ago (Ilse, you were here!) & I can't remember which Central Coast beach it was at but this house made my day. As gorgeous as most of the beach houses are around here, you only have two options.

The first is the adorable tiny cottage that was once a rundown fishing shack & now is a precious carefully redone jewel box of loveliness. Chances are a blogger lives inside, who has detailed every moment of said refurbishing & chances are half the furniture was found by the side of the road & rescued with a couple coats of paint.

Option two is the gorgeous slick ultra modern monstrosity that I still think are beautiful but lack anything resembling personality, except for those peeks of modern art you can sometimes catch through a window as you cruise by. They are all in the white, brown, beige color range so as to blend in to the nature blah blah blah as if a gazillion dollar home is ever not intended to stand out & get attention.
Nothing wrong with that at all by the way.

So anyway, to whoever built this particular monstrosity I salute you for your Cape Cod style (sorry if it's not a Cape Cod style, it's early) & I want to hug your rich ass bones for choosing such a gorgeous bold Caribbean blue!!! You made even this terrible grey day so much brighter. I hope your neighbors don't hate you for your impeccable taste & please invite me in if you ever catch me standing at your curb staring like a lost puppy - I'm dying to see what's going on inside that place.

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  1. Ash, am so glad you blogged about this house! I think it's amazing and forgot to take a picture last time we were there (it's Patonga, not all that far from your place really). I just love it and would do anything to see inside! Nicx