07 May 2011

Movies, Seminars & freebies oh my!

Oh Lordy, have the hipsters really truly taken over the world? Apartment Therapy has always been a lovely little escape, one of the daily blogs I read (along with its sisters Ohdeedoh & thekitchn) but every day they have at least one article that makes me want to smack them upside their ironic heads. "Living in a Grain Silo," people. Maybe this will inspire someone along the way but dear almighty heavens above, I have had enough of the too cool for school folks with all their disposable income & their mid-century, vintage, arts & crafts homes & more gadgets than you shake a stick at. Put on some relaxed jeans & join society my friends.

Today the hipsters are obviously taking the beating that I usually reserve for lovely lady bloggers who are adding a coat of delicate aqua or white paint to a roadside find. I need a life of my own so I stop striking out at people whose lives I freely choose to look at online myself.

It's Saturday afternoon & I have to say so far this weekend has been tops. Last night I got to hit up Chicks at the Flicks to watch Water for Elephants with some lovely ladies. Fantastic movie - I loved the book & obviously a few things were changed to make it more suitable for the big screen but overall I was very happy. The animal cruelty scenes were quite confronting & upsetting, I'll warn you & please would someone cast the AMAZING Christoph Waltz in a romantic comedy or something that doesn't make me so darn terrified of him!!!

I'm not going to go into the Chicks for Flicks experience so much because my good friend Nicole will do it much more hilariously & because of certain technical issues, much hilarity ensued. But I had a fabulous time just getting out of the house & enjoying the company of a theater full of women. Snarky, snarky fabulous women!

Then this morning I actually attended a seminar for mothers at Erina Fair mall! I know how hokey that sounds & I actually expected it to be quite crap but thought I'd give it a try. Low & behold, I loved it - the speakers had great expertise & helped put a lot of things in perspective for me that I've needed recently. It was everything from establishing routines to cooking demonstrations & even easy flattering fashion for new moms & their new bodies. It really was an eye-opening morning & they had vendors on hand that - get this - were actually very relevant & helpful! I always expect vendors at anything aimed at moms to be hippy crafts & random crap that no one really cares about but they obviously did their due diligence on this one. People were on hand to discuss proper car seat installation & safety, family day care set-ups, sleep consultants, etc. And I can't thank them enough for providing neck & shoulder massages at our chairs as the talks were going on & LUSH handmade beauty products provided free hand & arm massages with free samples as well. There were also free cupcakes from my favorite sweet shop on earth (this will be bumped to 2nd favorite when Poor Pierre reopens its doors), The Sweetest Things.

So yes, if you see Erina advertising another seminar for us mothers, I fully expect you to sign up! Hey, it's free & they even had free child care for kids over two so you have no reason not to go. Did I mention free coffee & a goody bag too??

Okay, I'm done spruiking now. Ben is taking a late nap after a hugely busy morning with Marcel - a trip to the beach, a visit to an Open Day at a fire station (apparently he had to be dragged from the firetruck, bless him) & just general time with his much-adored father. He is definitely in full Dada mode these days so I need to step up my game to get back in his good graces. Maybe I'll just write him off & aim for Fonzarelli to be my child instead. Ha!

Hmmm ... I think I actually had more things to discuss but I'm forgetting & I keep catching sight of a new (free!) magazine that I haven't read, which is a sin in my book. With Ben asleep I may just have to sit in the sun & read for a bit. I hope we have something sweet in this house to accompany me.

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