09 May 2011

Gackity gack

Oh, it's one of those days. I hate these days. I'm just starting to get sick - woke up feeling like death's door but it's slowly backed off a bit. Every morning has been getting steadily worse & it's going away more slowly each day so it's going to be a real cold eventually. Most annoying cold ever, might I add. I figure the more I build it up & talk about it, the less likely it is to actually be as bad as I'm expecting. My illnesses like to make a fool of me - if I think something will pass quickly, it swiftly knocks me on my backside & if I predict the flu of the century, I'm bound to sniffle for three days before moving on to greener pastures.

Ben has apparently worked up a list of all my least favorite things & is ticking them off one by one today - taking his pants/poopy diaper off when my back is turned (it's been ages since this particular joy reared its ugly head), not eating, throwing things, jumping on my head & as always, refusing to nap (still fighting this good fight as we speak). I can only imagine a bedtime disaster is in the cards for tonight at the rate we're going but thankfully my gorgeous husband will be around to help with that. Maybe he's starting to feel sick too but he's not acting that way. He's just acting like a turd & my own semi-sickliness is not handling it well.

Meanwhile his little unborn brother is being quite the charmer. While finally squeezing my sausagey behind into my maternity skinny jeans - the mere existence of maternity skinny jeans confirms for me that hell is a real possibility - Mr. Fonzarelli began quite the active squirmathon of his own. I imagine he'll be the kind son that says things like "Hey mom, it's okay - just go up a size. There's no shame. No one will know." Two points to Gryffindor. What? I'm allowed to mix my TV show characters with movie school houses when comparing my rotten misbehaving son with my angelic unborn son. It's my blog. And I had to go for my maternity skinny jeans because my normal skinny jeans with all their stretchy goodness got a lovely poop stain on them from SOMEONE who shall not be named & this shirt needs skinny jeans to balance it out.

Pregnancy is treating me uncharacteristically kindly these days. So many adverbs. I have to say I feel a lot better after finishing the round of antibiotics for the mysterious UTI so maybe they'll keep finding new little infections they can treat to make me feel even better so by the end of this pregnancy I'll be dancing on clouds!

The little bugger is getting more active all the time, which is very nice. I remember really missing that baby-moving sensation in my abdomen after I had Ben. Don't get me wrong - I much preferred to actually have him around, squirming around in person but it's the strangest, most wonderful little alien attack from the inside that's very hard to explain. I'm very eager for him to get to kicking so Marcel & Ben can join in the festivities but for now our little party for two is pretty awesome.

Hope you're having a super day in your happy place. xx

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