27 May 2011

& may your dreams be realized

Happy Friday, folks. Well it's Friday over here & it's almost over. Marcel & Ben went out for a bit of boy time bonding because Marcel will be working most of the weekend. I guess that means I'll be working most of the weekend, too. Because being a mom is my job so if he's not around, I'm still on duty. I guess you understood that.

I've been feeling pretty darn good lately. Still pretty much am - those lovely ligaments in my groin area are apparently taking a nice long stretch so I've been doing a bit of waddling yesterday & today but I can deal with that. I'm also exceptionally tired today, which could be because my devil son fought his nap like a gladiator - two hours of playing, whining, throwing things & he even climbed out of the bed once (that reads like a gladiator's daily journal, doesn't it?). I think he climbed out by accident for the record. I heard a bit of a kerfuffle but just assumed he had thrown his water bottle onto his plastic chair again. He kept saying his little "Oh no, oh no" so I was just scraping myself off the couch to check on him when I heard a distinctive pitter patter on the floor. A few seconds later, sure enough my little Prince of Shenanigans came around the corner still muttering "oh no." Such a funny chap. When Marcel got home, I realized any more resistance was futile because he gets too excited when he hears his Dada.

Anyway, the whole point of that story was that I'm tired & was counting on his nap for my own nap but it didn't happen so I just read a book online thanks to my darling parents letting me tap into their kindle account to read what they're already downloaded. So once Ben was up & being entertained by his father, I just gave in & read to my heart's content. I should have napped because it's now 5.09pm & I can barely keep my eyes open.

My stories get more exciting every day, don't they? You need to remind yourself that you're reading the blog of someone who has no life. If I suddenly have an exciting story to tell you, chances are high that I just made the story up. Hasn't happened yet but I make no promises to the accuracy of what is contained within these pages or screen or whatever you call the innards of a blog.

So have yourself a merry little weekend. With Marcel away, Ben & I will probably do nothing too wild or exciting unless I get my energy back. We do have a birthday party in the plans for Sunday, which will be fun. Ben has already destroyed the birthday card so I have to find a better hiding place for the present lest he get his grubby mitts on it too.

Hey, here's a really late question. Did any of you happen to notice I changed the name of the blog? I did it a gazillion weeks ago as a hidden clue that I was pregnant again but then I totally forgot about it too. Just added an "s" at the end so I'm begetting penguins now, not just one. I know my mother in law noticed but luckily we had already informed her of her latest impending grandpenguin because that would be a terrible way to find out. And the lovely Katia also noticed but she's a dentist so obviously a very smart cookie.

So okay, I'm off to clean my kitchen & to make some snickerdoodle muffins. Yes, that's right. I'll let you know if they turn out reasonably well after I've had a long, wonderful night of sleeeeeep.

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