16 May 2011

boring & gross in one fine entry

Hello, howdy & how are ya? I wrote the biggest, blahiest blog last week & apparently the blogger software went on the fritz about halfway through & I've been too lazy to write it all back up again so I have to get to that eventually. Nothing too exciting, mind you, but I had so much freaking energy that day that I felt the need to document it - I even took pictures of all the organizing I was doing for heaven's sake.

I am definitely in the easy, breezy, beautiful phase of this pregnancy so we had a full-on weekend of fun activities & yummy food & not stressing about housework or money or all the usual suspects that make us stay in & be boring. Now I am exhausted. But I still have that buzzy little feeling that is keeping me moving, which unfortunately means I'm in full-blown nesting mode already. I am only halfway through this pregnancy (I know, right?!) so I really have a long ways to go & I hope this need to clean, organize & get things set up lasts or I'll be in trouble at the end!

My washing machine currently has its 6th laundry load of the day going. I have at least one more to go, could possibly be two. My bathroom, which has been on the top of the list for 2 weeks suddenly jumped into dire emergency situation after a certain pregnant member of the household who doesn't deserve to be called out was up ridiculously sick half the night & there may have been some pukey splatters here, there & everywhere that she didn't scrub as well as she thought at 3.00am. Have swept & mopped & once the floor is dry, I shall be scrubbing sink, shower & tub, blah blah blah I guess you know what goes into cleaning a bathroom. If you don't, please let me know & I'll be happy to send you the full itemized list. And don't worry, I have been cleaning the bathroom regularly over the past two weeks but I've ignored sweeping & the deeeeep scrubbing so there is that lovely scum & a teeny tiny bit of mildew ... WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS? I have the weirdest compulsion to not stop talking about boring/slightly disgusting embarrassing things that you don't want to know about me. Let's see - puke splatters, soap scum & mildew all in one paragraph. I do apologize.

Hey, do you want to know what else I did today? I made a collage. That's right, I dragged out my scissors, my glue stick, a stack of old books & magazines & made myself a dang collage pig. I will do a blog (probably tomorrow) in more detail about this new collage kick that I find myself getting into but the pre-schooler inside me is jumping up & down, high-fiving like the hyper child I never was. And I find myself oddly proud of myself for remembering that there is one thing that I am halfway decent at doing with my hands. We will ignore the huge numbers of kindergarteners out there giving me a run for my money, won't we?

Well, I imagine my bathroom floor is dry & my latest load of washing just finished so I'm off to the drying line & to scrub the heck out of the rest of my bathroom. Also should wake up my son from his late nap so he doesn't keep us up all night. Ahhhh, the glitz, the glamour! Hope you're doing something equally as fabulous, if not more so.

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  1. Oooh, can't wait to see some photos of your collage! Nicx