30 May 2011

Monday madness

I have a new obsession. Just a warning, it's a pathetic one. Because I know I'm having a c-section this time around I've decided it would be wise to actually plan for it so now I find myself googling & scouring Amazon reviews for belly binders & other abdominal support items. I realize that these aren't just for c-sections but it sounds like the support would be fantastic & the compression helps keep some of the pain at bay. Bonus points that they apparently help get your uterus & tummy back in place much more quickly. Can you tell I've been drinking the Kool-Aid? Anyway, if you have any advice on the matter please share because there are too many options for me to handle!

Still on a bit of a hormonal swing, unfortunately. I feel so sorry for Marcel & Ben putting up with grouchy me. After working all weekend, the Mister was supposed to take today off but that fell through & now the bloody F3 is closed down due to a huge accident (it's bucketing down rain so drive carefully, folks) so heaven only knows when I'll see him tonight. This does not help a grouchy, tired woman who has not had a break from her 2 year old in a good long while. Please don't take that the wrong way - I hope you realize how much I adore that child but I do think a few hours of "freedom" brings so much sanity back to a full-time mama. Is that selfish?

On the plus side we're getting a free movie this month due to the sad state of my movie-watching history. My best friend Dana & I have been emailing back & forth about baby names and I was considering swiping a name that her lovely daughter likes. It's from Gone with the Wind - sorry I'm not being cagey, it's Rhett & I realized that I still have not watched that movie! How do I get to this age & having studied broadcast & worked in media with actors, etc. & have failed to watch such a classic. Anyway, I added it to our Bigpond movie list (like Netflix in America) but the picture that went with the movie on their site was for an Anthony Robbins self-help video, which terrified. Imagine getting that when you were expecting Gone with the Wind. So I reported it & they're sending me an extra movie this month for my eagle-eye. I'm super stoked because I have been desperate to get my hands on Sesame Street's Get Up & Dance for Ben because my niece (hello Alexis!) adored it when she was teeny tiny. Lordy, that was a long story to share my excitement for a Sesame Street DVD.

Speaking of kids TV, have I mentioned that next weekend we will be going to enjoy one of Ben's 2nd birthday presents. We are going to see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE at the Sydney Opera House!!!! Classy, right? It's part of the gorgeous Vivid Festival in Sydney & I am so excited. I've never actually stepped foot inside the Opera House after walking around it nearly a gazillion times so it's extra special to be going there for a family event. And who wouldn't want to see DJ Lance live? Can't wait to see what bands they'll get in Sydney & if there are any other special guests. Let's be honest, I'm just hoping to sing "There's a party in my tummy ... yummy yummy in my tummy" with a crowd. And I hope Ben l-o-v-e-s it - he should with a crowd of kiddies & general madness.

We shall see!

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