13 January 2010


Okay, I'm posting these photos of our bedroom with many notes. I realise this isn't the most exciting redo ever done. The only new things are sheets, lamps, one new bedside table, the basket under my table (still looking for the right thing under Marcel's) & the digital picture frame. But it feels like a new world to me because it's neat & calm & uncluttered. There's nothing I can do about the baby rail on the side of the bed at this point.

And yes, our bedroom is the world's smallest room of all time. And that bathroom door is staying closed until I figure out what we can do to make that place more pleasant. Does anyone have a good mildew suggestion? Our shower never dries thanks to the lovely sea breeze so no amount of scrubbing can get everything out of there! Grrrrr.

I'm going to ask our property manager if we can paint. I would love to put a nice warm colour on the wall and fix the cruddy wood trim around the ceiling and paint it a nice bright white or something. Surely that's not too much to ask.

Man, I'm a good photographer. It's a small room with a weird wall situation so it's difficult to get it all in the shot! Shut up.

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