04 January 2010

ready steady

I'm going a little insane, I have to admit. It's not depression but I have had some pretty blue days recently and I'm very restless. I'm happy as punch with my little man and still adore that husband of mine but something is not right in the world of Ashley. It's taken me weeks to decide that there are only two things I can do - dye my hair & redecorate the apartment. There it is. Making my hair appointment for this weekend if I can get in and I need to talk to our property manager to see if I can get permission to paint this ding dang place. I will keep you on top of all developments but we are starting this weekend with purging the apartment - Salvation Army, St. Vinnies and the like will be getting a big delivery of clothes, housewares, random abandoned suitcases, etc. Then I will begin the joyful search through thrift stores and antiquey places for ideas and items to make this place feel like us and not just a receptacle for IKEA furniture (no offence to our IKEA furniture, which I love). I imagine it will end up looking similar to Coco Chanel's Parisian apartment:

Why are you laughing?

All else is okay. Ben & I had a big sleep-in until 8.30 this morning and he slept well through the night so I think his sickness is well & truly getting behind him. He is a new little boy these days - full of adventure and laughing pretty much constantly. He's at the stage where when we turn our back on him, he's GONE. We catch up with him in time to close whatever drawers he's opened, move whichever knick knacks he's swiping or catch him right before his head whacks the floor/cabinet/chair/door. I keep thinking he's such a big boy but then I'll catch him sitting on the ground, staring up at the blinds flapping in the breeze with a look of absolute wonder in his eyes and he just looks so tiny. My heart grows another size & a half.

Today I am starting the food crusade again full time. I gave him a break over the holidays, just trying different things here & there. But today I am sitting him down again twice a day and giving him food. He did halfway okay this morning with his apple & mango puree so we'll see how this afternoon goes. It's just going to be painful until he can control the spoon himself because that's all he wants to do. Grrrr.

I'm off to give the boy his proper feeding now. He's such a boob man.

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