30 January 2010


I'm in a bit of a flurry. Not the lovely snow kind, the madhouse with no end in sight kind. I have a cold, Ben has a cold, we bit off way more than we can chew with organizing this darn apartment & we want it done before Ilse gets here in 2 days so she's not staying in the home equivalent of a homeless person's cart of belongings. I feel kinda bad having directly compared my warm, safe & dry home to a homeless person's lack of home - that can't be a good thing to do so I apologize. On top of all of that, the humidity is still outrageous with none of our usual bloody wonderful sea breeze in sight!! It has seriously been over a week now of miserable muggy weather & that's just not normal. Anyone who has spent time around me & my terrible moisture-loving hair knows that nothing makes me crankier than hot, humid weather. If you could hear the awful words I've been spewing around here recently, you would be horrified but the weather makes me crazy I tell you!

I have to say that Ben's reaction to his first cold may be the saddest thing I've ever seen. Lots of weeping, wailing (with the lip out), pawing at his nose hysterically like he's fighting the dragon that's up there spewing flames of snot and plugging his breathing up. We are getting lots of cuddles at least but it's not worth seeing the poor boy so miserable and it doesn't help that I'm sick too so I'm exhausted & coughing & can't breathe myself. And with breastfeeding you really can't take any cold medicines because they're all basically made of poison, evil elixirs, mystical potions, etc. Seriously, I asked the chemist what I could take for my terrible congestion & she gave me non-medicated nasal spray - it's saline, people. Marcel forced me to suck on butter menthols so if Ben suddenly contracts some god-forsaken exotic disease it will undoubtedly be because of those butter menthols.

Yesterday sucked ass completely - Ben & I moping about, which makes Marcel crazy for some reason. We all went shopping (got an amazing carved mirror thingy that we have to figure out how to hang) & looked at a few other things. Hours of shopping is never good for any family, let alone sickies & people hellbent on finding just the right thing for that one spot on top of the bookshelf. We have so much to do in this apartment, it's insane! I'm just going to have to stuff tissues in my nostrils and get to organizing & cleaning the guest bathroom & the giant IKEA bookshelf that Ben pulls things off of all day. We have about 8 garbage bags of stuff to go to charity lining our hallway that has to go to the bins today - that's on top of the approximate 20 we've already taken. We do know how to keep junk around in a small home! So glad all that crap is gone.

On a happy note, we bought Ben a baby grand piano just like Tara's that he was obsessed with last time we visited. He loves it and when he manages to snap out of the woe is me cold suffering, he has a blast playing with his piano. I am terribly excited that he is turning into such a little music man! And now that I think about it, my little music man slept really well last night - really no waking up & crying that I can think of, just a couple of his usual whining for me to roll over & give him milk. Mind you I woke up about 30 gazillion times just to check on him because he was so miserable during the day and to make sure he still had covers on him.

So anyway, I think I had more important things to say but the fuzziness in my brain has taken over & my peppermint tea has gone cold. Should probably go spray more stupid saline up my nose & take some panadol (luckily I can still take them within reason). At least my boys are still sleeping soundly & I have a little quiet time to myself to sniffle, snort & cough without bothering them.

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