02 January 2010

Greetings from Colonial Williamsburg

I'm not really at Colonial Williamsburg but my hair has reached an unruly new height of hideousness that resembles something that a colonial dweller might sport. I called my salon in a panic to get myself sorted ASAP but they're closed until Tuesday. I hope I can get it next week or I may be booking a ticket to Williamsburg so I can visit the wig shop and get something to cover up this mess.

So Christmas was wonderful with Mr. Benjamin. He got his 2nd tooth on Christmas Eve so nobody slept well in our home but he was an absolute delight opening presents and loved each & every one plus the wrapping! He's such a gorgeous boy & the day was perfect.

Thank goodness Christmas was nice because only days later, disaster struck. I caught a lovely gastro bug the day before New Year's Eve. This is bad enough on its own but just hours before we had booked a nice luxurious hotel for a quick getaway for the three of us. And no, we couldn't get a refund because we booked through a discount site (big discount but still very expensive). We were going to go Taronga Zoo and to the Sydney Aquarium and just have all the fun in the world with our little man. But nooooo! Instead, merely hours later I was puking & diarrhea'ing my brains out. It lasted for a good 13 solid hours then off & on for several more. Fair enough, I was getting better. Then the next day (New Year's Eve) Ben starting vomiting. It was terrible. I talked to the RN line a couple of times to make sure I was keeping him properly hydrated & we panicked here & there. Then he started the diarrhea too - good lord was that a tragic day in our home. We watched the fireworks on TV but were too frazzled and too terrified of where poop could be hiding so we just held hands at midnight instead of kissing. Ain't love grand?

Luckily, we're mostly better now. Still frazzled & a bit queasy but more hydrated and I've been able to retire the plastic trashcan I had by the bed & dragged around the few times I was able to roll out of my stupor.

I'm not sure if starting the year in such a disgusting way is a good or bad omen but there you go. All else is well in our life. Boy is still being adorable ... except for his new hobby of pinching the hell out of my breast while he nurses. Seriously, the little claw marks and mini bruises on me look pretty bad. I am even wearing a sexyish bra (sorry, it was supposed to be for our getaway or NYE but that didn't go well) and there's nothing that looks sexier than little red cuts that probably spell out "Please cut my nails" in Sanskrit or Navajo (or WingDings) poking out of the top of such a cute bra.

I have no resolutions for the year because my brain hurts too much. I'm going to be an awesome mom for the year but that's not a resolution, just a fact. If I believed in emoticons I'd put a smiley face there. I'd also like to use the phrase "moth-eaten horror" as much as possible after just hearing it on Antiques Roadshow.

Happy 2010 to you & yours!

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