31 January 2010

Shabby freedom

As you can see, I've discovered how to change the background of my blog. Any of you that had the misfortune of being my friend back in the myspace days are probably groaning and realizing that I'll probably change this background every 2 days because I have a little problem we call indecisiveness. It's painful. One of the backgrounds I looked at was a 4th of July theme but in the style of shabby chic so it was called Shabby Freedom & that's my phrase of the day! Shabby freedom indeed.

Ben is asleep so I should be dusting and rearranging or making beds or something useful seeing as our exciting company is coming TOMORROW! Woo hoo! Ilse couldn't care less if there was dust on our bookshelf or whether her bed was made with hospital corners but I'm striving for the best. I don't actually really know what hospital corners are and I doubt I could achieve them if I did know what they are. Also, we still have the Christmas lights up on our balcony so we are f-a-r from the classiest of joints anyway. We did get a new giant mirror/wooden carving thing to go over the dresser in our entryway but we have to figure out how to hang it without too much drama.

I'm planning a little LOST premiere party for the 4 of us (I'm assuming Ben won't go to sleep on time since he tends to know when I desperately want him to sleep so we'll just include him somehow). I'm just calling it a party so I have an excuse to make snack foods & cookies. Dharma Devilled Eggs, etc. We have to download the show after it airs in the US because our channel is going to be a week behind or so. I can't be a week behind because nerds around the world will spoil it for me in the news online. And the channel that's airing it here is NOT HD, which Marcel pointed out & is not happy about. Someone ought to write a letter I tell you.

Can I just tell you that I have made major strides in my life since having Ben. At one point in time (college & beyond) it used to take me an hour to get ready every day. It's gone down & down as I got older but today I got in the shower at 9.02am & by 9.35am I was blowdried, lotioned head to toe, with a load of laundry in the washer, put blankets & pillows to dry, readjusted the air conditioner/window situation & checked on Ben 3 times. Mind you I look like a troll that you might find under the bridge but it's still record timing.

Okay, I'm off to put clothes in the dryer & start reorganizing the bloody bookshelf so it's less likely to rain books & picture frames onto my darling boy. Have a happy day on your side of the world & remember to celebrate your shabby freedom!

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