19 January 2010

Clingy, thy name is Ben

Not sure what is going on with that son of mine but he is hanging on to me like I've got the secret of life in my pocket. He was clingy yesterday, waking up the second I laid him down and only sleeping if I was holding him (yes, it's the most beautiful feeling on earth but I do have things I need to accomplish as well) but today was something else. Here is a rundown of what our day has been thus far:

6.40am - wake up to the joyful noise of husband cursing as he is late getting up, followed immediately by the glorious sound of Ben dropping a load in his diaper.

6.45am - drag myself up to change his diaper. Decide 'what the hell' & give him a bath as well since he didn't have one yesterday.

7.15am - Nevermind, this stinks and I can't remember how long we did anything and Ben is systematically pulling things off the shelves so I have to go stop him.

Long story short, he has taken 2 loooong naps today but would only let himself be put down for the second half of the first one. Immediately after his first nap, he managed to close his finger in a kitchen drawer so now I need to get those drawer lock things. So then he screamed, cried & demanded lots of comforting, setting him up for nap 2. This nap was entirely on me as he woke up crying every time I set him down in bed. He finally woke up at 12.30pm and I was STARVING so I put him in his high chair while I whipped up some yummy, healthyish food. The second I'm done making it and plating up, Ben exploded with poop shooting up his back and onto the back of the high chair. WHY?? So off to change him and clean up, then back to my food (ahhh, motherhood has made me capable of eating even after seeing the depths of poopy hell). Now we're watching cartoons, the only way I get peace while I eat. Benny insists on watching TV while standing on the pillows propped up against the TV cabinet, preventing him from breaking the glass door or messing with the many game consoles or DVD player. Very cute:

I had high hopes for today but I have a feeling I'll be doting on the boy wonder all day until he's done clinging to me. Maybe I'll convince him to sit on the floor with me while I organize the closet or something. Shyeah right.

Anyway, the important part of this is his development. Every time he goes through a heavy sleeping cycle he ends up with a new skill. Today he is now scooting along, taking steps while he's holding on to the couch or TV cabinet or whatever he's latched on to while standing. Maybe he'll be walking sooner than I expected! Please heavens no.

Off to make phone calls - have books to donate to the library, another spray tan to schedule & finally calling our property manager to see if we can paint.

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